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Saturday, April 9th


After a 3 week break in the IFMXF “NIGHT of the JUMPS” series, things got back up to speed in a serious way in Berlin on Saturday night. In practice Mat Rebaud (Swi) over rotated a 360 and limped away, seemingly out of the event.

Mat Rebeaud won the Saturday Night Event in Berlin

After a few hours rest however, he gritted it his way back and forced his way to the top of the IFMXF podium, which the Viking invaders had kept him off for the last few events.

Ailo Gaup (Nor) drew first blood, winning the qualification round, but it was Mat who won the fight with an inspired run in the final that forced Ailo into uncharacteristic errors. Third was Kris Brock (UK).

Kris Brock with a huge Cliffhanger | 3rd place on Saturday

Local hero Busty Wolter (Ger) let it all hang out in front of his home fans tonight, as the crowd favourite, Busty got a deserved 4th place finish and won thousands more fans. Fifth was American showman Ronnie Renner, who stole the whip contest win from Brock with the most insane whip ever seen. A mistake on his “Double-up” jump robbed Renner of higher honours in the final. Sixth in the final was Oystein Kjorstad (Nor).

Local Hero Busty Wolter placed 4th on Saturday with a BACKFLIP!

Other significant placings were Derek Burlew (US), who got 1st in Highest Air, 3rd in the Whip contest and 8th in the overall placings. Local wildcard riders appearing tonight in Berlin were Freddy Peters (10th-) and Fabian Bauersachs (11th overall).

Swedish rider Frederik “Frog” Berggren had a really tough day, mid-way through training earlier in the day his bike broke and he spent 4 hours working on it - missing out on valuable practice time. He only got it running just in time for the contest. In his qualification run, he under-rotated a backflip, which could have been catastrophic if not for his lightning quick reflexes and evasive action. He dusted himself off and has sworn to be back tomorrow - rested and ready to go.

Saturday, April 9th


At Saturday’s 9th round of the IFMXF “NIGHT of the JUMPS” series, Ailo Gaup (Nor) made too many mistakes and handed Mat Rebaud (Swi) the win. On Sunday, fortunes were reversed, as Rebaud over-rotated a candy-bar backflip and crashed to the ground, handing Ailo an easy route to the win. After his crash Rebaud needed too long to straighten his bike out and had to settle for 6th in the final. Second, with the biggest whips ever seen, was Berlin’s new favourite American, Ronnie Renner.

Ronnie Renner with one of his breathtaking Whips

Third was Busty Wolter (Ger), who had another inspired ride in front of his home crowd, excorcising the backflip demons that had haunted since February. Fourth was Oystein Kjorstad (Nor), who seems to be finding his old form again and closing in on the front runners. Next was Nick Franklin (NZ), who rode with awesome style and creativity, but a bit too frantically. He could be a serious threat if he calms down and plans his runs a bit better.

Nick Franklin with a Onehand Seatgrab Indian | 5th place on Sunday

The whip contest saw Kris Brock (UK) squaring up against Renner in the final pairing of the elimination format contest. Renner was just in the groove this weekend, with each whip getting further than the one before it - and clearly deserved the win.

Who is your daddy? Renner rulin' it = 2nd place on Sunday

Little Ronnie wasn’t done there though, and also claimed the win in the Highest Air, beating countryman Derek Burlew. Third was Jimbo Verburgh (Bel).

Jimbo is studying how Mr. Renner is doing the 6,70 m ...

Round 11 and 12 take place in Bern Switzerland 22 & 23 April in the ‘Bern Arena’. Local hero Mat Rebaud has sworn revenge in front of his home crowds. Visit for more on the riders, up-coming events, videos, pics and news.

NIGHT of the JUMPs Berlin 09.04.2005

Results Qualifikation

1. Ailo Gaup NOR 238 Points
2. Mat Rebeaud SUI 219 Points
3. Oystein Kjorstad NOR 186 Points
4. Kris Brock GBR 183 Points
5. Busty Wolter GER 181 Points
6. Ronnie Renner USA 179 Points
7. Nick de Wit RSA 165 Points
8. Derek Burlew USA 160 Points
9. Libor Podmol CZE 151 Points
10. Freddy Peters GER 148 Points
11. Fabian Bauersachs GER 145 Points
12. Jimmy Verburgh BEL 143 Points
13. Martin Koren CZE 114 Points
14. Nick Franklin NZL 71 Points
15. Fredrik Berggren SWE 33 Points

Results Whip Contest
1. Ronnie Renner USA
2. Kris Brock GBR
3. Derek Burlew USA
4. Busty Wolter GER
4. Jimmy Verburgh BEL
4. Ailo Gaup NOR

Results Highest Air

1. Derek Burlew USA 7,20 m (1st)
2. Ronnie Renner USA 7,00 m (1st)
2. Jimmy Verburgh BEL 7,00 m (1st)

Results Final
1. Mat Rebeaud SUI 289 Points
2. Ailo Gaup NOR 258 Points
3. Kris Brock GBR 211 Points
4. Busty Wolter GER 199 Points
5. Ronnie Renner USA 185 Points
6. Oystein Kjorstad NOR 170 Points


NIGHT of the JUMPs Berlin 10.04.2005

Results Qualifikation
1. Ailo Gaup NOR 234 Points
2. Mat Rebeaud SUI 230 Points
3. Ronnie Renner USA 183 Points
4. Busty Wolter GER 183 Points
5. Oystein Kjorstad NOR 182 Points
6. Nick Franklin NZL 176 Points
7. Derek Burlew USA 172 Points
8. Kris Brock GBR 171 Points
9. Nick de Wit RSA 170 Points
10. Fabian Bauersachs GER 162 Points
11. Libor Podmol CZE 157 Points
12. Freddy Peters GER 148 Points
13. Martin Koren CZE 147 Points
14. Jimmy Verburgh BEL 144 Points

Results Whip Contest
1. Ronnie Renner USA
2. Kris Brock GBR
3. Derek Burlew USA
4. Busty Wolter GER

Results Highest Air
1. Ronnie Renner USA 6,70 m (1st)
2. Derek Burlew USA 6,70 m (2nd)
3. Jimmy Verburgh BEL 6,00 m (1st)
4. Kris Brock GBR DNS

Results Final
1. Ailo Gaup NOR 282 Points
2. Ronnie Renner USA 215 Points
3. Busty Wolter GER 212 Points
4. Oystein Kjorstad NOR 206 Points
5. Nick Franklin NZL 173 Points
5. Mat Rebeaud SUI 165 Points

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