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20.12.04 FMX Show @ Supercross Munich
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The “Supercrossover” event with Supermoto, Supercross Quadracing and FMX action, took place in Munich. Highlight was the FMX Show Saturday night with Ronnie Renner, Robbie Madison, “Mad” Mike Jones and the German Lukas Weis and Busty Wolter. After the first minutes the crowd get crazy when Madison, Renner and Weis showed awesome whips.

Mr. Ronnie "Robotman" Renner with a perfect extended Tsunami

Busty showed his Kiss of Death and Mike Jones did the standard no hand landing tricks over the 22 meter distance. When Busty and Ronnie made some practise jumps over the kicker ramp all the people wait in suspense for the main jump, the Backflip. First did Renner his flip. After slow rotation and a hard landing nearly in the flat he road it out and the crowds get crazy. German Busty Wolter, the first German Flipper, was the next one. He showed a smooth and perfect flip and the crowed loved him.

Robbie Maddison from Australia doing a sweet Deadbody

The next Supercrossover will take place in the Olympiahalle, Munich on December, 16th-18th 2005. The highlight is the first official FIM Freestyle Motocross Contest on Sunday (Dec. 18th) with big names like Mat Rebeaud (winner 2005) and Ronnie Renner (winner X-Fighters Mexico 2005). Stay tuned ...

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