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Re-live the Red Bull X-Fighters from Glen Helen

Watch a repeat of the third round from the Red Bull X-Fighters 2013 World Tour.

Heavy winds played havoc with the US round as the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour rolled into Glen Helen, California, USA, eventually forcing organisers to abandon the event.

The day had promised a spectacular evening of action as some of the best FMX riders were ready to take on the biggest FMX course in the world. But the strong winds made it too dangerous for the riders to pull their tricks safely.

The result, instead, was decided on qualifying positions from earlier in the day, handing the World Tour lead to Thomas Pages of France, championship leader Dany Torres drops back to joint second place where he’s joined by Australia’s Rob Adelberg.

Click the video above for highlights from the event and of the decisive qualifying session, and head to for championship standings and more info.

The next round of the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour takes place in Osaka, Japan on June 1.

Qualifying Results are also the Final Results!

1. Rob Adelberg
2. Tom Pages
3. Taka Higashino
4. Javier Villegas
5. Adam Jones
6. David Rinaldo
7. Dany Torres
8. Josh Sheehan
9. Wes Agee
10. Brody Wilson
11. Todd Potter
Levi Sherwood out due to a shoulder injury suffered in training.

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