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Schuie's playground at Boonah, QLD

Last week I headed out to Schuie's playground at Boonah, QLD for a ride, and to work some more on this trail bike park business which is getting built near Schuie's. But the only way to get a decent break from the drudgery of work is to kick over the bike and go for a late afternoon ride.

I've been trying to find new places to put the helmet camera's on my bike with what's already there, but Schuie has taken it up a notch and started making attachments and poles to have the camera placed way off the bike.

Steve-whipThe first contraption was a pole mounted off one side of the front suspension. Nothing like some hose clamps, flat bar of steel and one metre of thin steel pipe. After some trial and error trying to bend the pole in the right angle for the camera to get the shot, and also some rubber to overcome the vibration, Schuie has come up with a really cool boom arm for the helmet cam. And all it needs to stay on is a couple of Zippie Ties - is there anything they can't do?

A few things went against us, things were breaking left, right and centre and by the time we actually got on the bikes the sun-light had disappeared behind the hill, but we were determined to get a ride in and here is the footage from the afternoon last week.

This video is also the first I've uploaded in HD, I just wish there was more sunlight to bring out the colours in the footage. Thanks very much to, who has supplied both Schuie and I with all the helmet camera's. All the footage used in the video was taken from the ContourHD and EpicHD camera's from SportsCamera. And thanks again to Ryan for the music.

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