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SRH was founded in 1991 in Pacific Beach / San Diego. During the day, Extreme Sports like Freestyle Motocross, Surfing and Skateboarding were promoted while the SRH guys organized the night concerts in the underground scene of Southern California.

SRH Team rider James Carter/USA

With the introduction of SRH (Supporting Radical Habits) in Germany, we follow the footsteps of the Californian label with fullest passion and love for the extreme!

Radical lifestyle with a penchant for mental illness in conjunction with rap / rock / punk and clothes embody our culture beyond the mainstream.
We appreciate all the support!

For further information please check our website:

SRH Clothing

This is your chance to win SRH T-Shirts!

You only need to answer this question correctly:

Where SRH was founded in 1991?

Deadline of this game was: April 30th, 2013
Right answer: Pacific Beach
Winners: Rico Messerschmidt and Simon Naumann

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