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Newsflash | 01/2006 [ News Archive ]

spacer24.01.06 | Godfather Mike Metzger rides green

Mike Metzger is riding Kawasaki from now on for the Lake Elsinore shop 74 Motorsports. He also gets support from Monster Engergy Drinks. His goals are the X-Games and the Dew Actions Sports Tour 2006. We'll keep our fingers crossed for the Godfather! More information and pictures about Mike and his new ride on

  Mike Metzger

spacer23.01.06 | Rider Columns | Busty Wolter

Busty's year started with a bang on the first january weekend ... unfortunately it was a real "bang" when he crashed at the Athens SX
during the FMX demo. He wanted to show the sold out crowd a onehanded takeoff, but he looped out a little bit right after the takeoff and went a little further than usual ...

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  Busty Wolter

spacer16.01.06 | Startalk | Interview with Ronnie Renner

He won the X-Fighters in Mexico 2005, a bunch of IFMA and Vans Triple Crown events and his Whips are the sickest in the FMX scene - there is nothing more to say. At the beginning of 2006 we talked with Mr. "Who is your daddy?" Renner about his family, his passion Freeriding, Contests and some other interesting stuff. So check it out ...

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  Ronnie Renner

spacer11.01.06 | FMX Show | 23rd SX Dortmund

Last weekend the 23rd ADAC Supercross took place in the Wesfalen-hall Dortmund. On all three days a Freestyle Motocross Show rocked the crowd in the sold out arena. Especially Mike Mason and Mat Rebeaud showed FMX at its' best ...

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  Mike Mason & Mat Rebeaud

spacer04.01.06 | Fab Bauersachs on Kawasaki

Germany's FMX Pro Fab Bauersachs is riding Kawasaki from now on. Fab does his official premiere on the upcoming weekend during the FMX Show at the ADAC Supercross in the Westfalen-hall in Dortmund. Also attending are Mike Mason, Kevin Burcklen, Libor Podmol and Mr. Backflip Mat Rebeaud. Check for more info.

  Morgan Carlson

spacer04.01.06 | Website Relaunch of RR-website

It's done. The website relaunch of Ronnie Renner's website is finished. The website looks fresh and a lot of information about RR's resume, schedule, pics etc. is waiting to be viewed. So check it out ...

  Morgan Carlson

spacer03.01.06 | Mat Rebeaud on KTM

The most of you do already know it. Mat Rebeaud from Switzerland changed his Honda with a KTM and rides now for the KTM World-Team. Rebeaud is beside Ronnie Renner and Kenny Bartram the 3rd official KTM World-Teamrider. At the Int. FMX Contest in Munich Rebeaud showed, that he is feeling comfortable on his new bike and won the contest sovereign.

  Morgan Carlson

spacer03.01.06 | Rider Columns | Busty Wolter

At the weekend before x-mas the Super Cross Over in Munich took part. That means SX racing plus FMX plus some more dirt-action. The first two days of the event a FMX show was scheduled at the end of the night to get the people into party-mode ...

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  Morgan Carlson

spacer01.01.06 | Rider Columns | Morgan Carlson

Time is ticking away - happy NEW YEAR! Morgan Carlson from Sweden gave us some final feedback what he did during the last weeks of 2005. So check out his column to know more about his adventures and trips around Europe ...

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  Morgan Carlson

spacer01.01.06 | Startalk | Interview with Ailo Gaup

First he ruled in Europe being the 1st rider doing backflips @ IFMXF Contests and also winning the IFMXF Championship in 2004. Then he invented the Underflip and got invited to the X-Games in LA. So he travelled to the USA in 2005 and showed the US guys, that he is on the same level like the big dogs in the USA.

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  Ailo Gaup


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