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Newsflash | 05/2006 [ News Archive ]

spacer grey26.05.06 | Hardcore FMX Event in Zürich

Mike Mason


Before 13,800 fans at Hallenstadion AG in Zurich, Switzerland, Mike Mason and his Team USA took victories from Team Europe in each of 3 events and earned the inaugural Hardcore Freestyle Motocross championship. read story

spacer grey25.05.06 | Double Interview with Koren & Podmol

Martin Koren & Libor Podmol


The most of you already know, that the European riders made a really good progression the last years. Europe has a lot of stars like Mat Rebeaud, Andre Villa and Ailo Gaup. Today we were talking with Libor Podmol and Martin Koren from the Czech Republic to get more information about the FMX scene in Eastern Europe. read story

spacer grey25.05.06 | The Busty Wolter Column #17

Busty Wolter


The May was again full of events for Busty. After the Red Bull Offroad Riding Day before the Nurburgring Formula 1 GP, he had to head home
for the first race of the german Minibike Series. Since the race was at his track in Schenkenhorst, he had to organise it, too. Luckily the weather was very sunny, so the guys had good track conditions ... read story

spacer grey22.05.06 | Mike Metzger made Guiness Record

Mike Metzger


Mike Metzger broke the world record for longest motorcycle backflip on Thursday, flying 125 feet over the fountains at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and becoming only the second person to clear the pool on two wheels. Watch the video clip ... read story

spacer grey22.05.06 | New websites of Bizouard and Rebeaud

Remi Bizouard Website


We want to introduce you two new FMX rider websites in the world wide web. Mat Rebeaud and Remi Bizouard are online since a few days. So check out their websites - it's worth:


spacer grey15.05.06 | The Busty Wolter Column continues

Busty Wolter


Busty's April started with a couple days of practice in Italy. Together with his Upforce buddy Tobi Immler he went to the place of DaBoot senior Miki Monti, close to Ravenna. There they joined the Tchech FMX gangsters Libor Podmol and Martin Koren. In fact the first night they got joined by gansters who seemed to plan to steal their cars and/or bikes! read story

spacer grey15.05.06 | The Fab Bauersachs Column | update

Fab Bauersachs


Fab Bauersachs dropped us an Email about his successful results and how the things are going these days. He was present at a lot events and demos and wrote a huge story about his adventures ... but only in german available :-/ read story

spacer grey15.05.06 | The ChaosFMX Crew present Video Clip

Double 'U' 198


The guys of the ChaosFMX Crew from Belgium have sent us their latest video clip with great Foampit action. Double 'U' 198 and his buddies are on the best way to rock Europe. So check out the video and watch the skillz of the guys ... read story

spacer grey08.05.06 | Night of the Jumps | Turin / Italy

Winners NOTJ Turin 2006


Last weekend the NOTJ took part in Turin/Italy. Mat Rebeaud (Switzerland) stepped up to the mark and showed exactly why he is the IFMXF number 1 ranked rider. 2nd place went to Fab Bauersachs from Germany followed by Oystein Kjorstad from Norway ... read story

spacer grey08.05.06 | Andre Villa won FMX Constest in Cran Canaria

Andre Villa


A bunch of good FMX riders were invited to ride in the football stadium on the island Cran Canaria. Mike Mason, Ronnie Renner, Andre Villa, Eigo Sato etc. were fighting against the strong wind ... read story

spacer grey03.05.06 | Interview with Freddy Peters

Freddy Peters


He is one of the best German young guns in FMX these days. Freddy Peters from Berlin is well known doing his signature tricks like cliffhanger and cracknac. 2004 he showed up at the NOTJ in Bern and ended up with a good 4th place. Freddy has the skills to ride into the top10 at the IFMXF tour ... read story