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Newsflash | 06/2006 [ News Archive ]

spacer grey25.06.06 | Interview with Blake Williams from Australia

Blake Williams


He is one of the shootingstars in the global FMX scene and got invited to the X-Games 2006 in Los Angeles. We are talking about Blake Bilko Williams from Australia. He is one of the FMX Trick innovators of the year 2006 doing a Cliffhanger Backflip on dirt ... read story

spacer grey24.06.06 | Winners of the BEST BIKE DESIGN CONTEST



A lot of you guys are really excited, if your bike is one of the winning bikes of the FORTY8 BEST BIKE DESIGN CONTEST 2006. It was hard to judge all the bike designs, so we decided to award 6 bikes and their owners. We proudly present the winners ... read story

spacer grey24.06.06 | DEW ACTIONSPORTS TOUR | Louisville

DEW Actionsports Tour 2006


Coming into this FMX final, Travis Pastrana had the upper hand. He was last to go on both rounds at got to see everyone’s cards before he had to decide if he wanted to bet or fold his cards. It was debatable whether Pastrana should’ve been seated first in the finals, but the judges were sure to tighten their scores ... read story

spacer grey20.06.06 | Jump to the music in Sternberg/GER

Florian Menge


Last weekend the Jump to the Music event took place in Sternberg/GER. Unfortunately it rained a bit, but nevertheless the five german FMX riders Basty Radel, Florian Menge, David Saalfeld, Sebastian Dunkel and Michi Lewe showed their skills. Oh yes, Germany not only has to offer soccer these days ... read story

spacer grey15.06.06 | William Van den Putte did long distance flip

William Van den Putte


Finally his dream came true. Willian "Double U" Van den Putte landed the long distance backflip on dirt. 2 1/2 years after his flip crash on the kicker ramp, he never did the backfflip to dirt again. Congratulations Double U!

>> Link to the video clip (wmv format)

spacer grey15.06.06 | Rider Column updates

Morgan Carlson


We got some new rider columns from Busty Wolter, Morgan Carlson, Fabian Bauersachs and Marc Fischer. So check out the Rider Columns category for the fresh updates ... read story

spacer grey13.06.06 | FORTY8 Best Bike Design Contest

FORTY8 Best Bike Design Contest 2006


Today was the closing date for the FORTY8 Best Bike Design Contest. Thank you for taking part and sending us all the nice pictures of your FMX bikes. We will sit together the next days, to discuss and rate the bikes you have sent in. The winners and their bikes will be published in the end of the month. Stay tuned ...

spacer grey13.06.06 | Remi Bizouard did Hart Attack Backflip

Remi Bizouard


Remi Bizouard is stepping up to the top dogs in FMX. The french kid is getting better and better the last months. We are really excited to see the stylemaster at the big events, when he shows his skills. So be prepared and watch out for Remi. More info about Remi on his website ...


spacer grey13.06.06 | Martin Schenk is back on the bike!

Martin Schenk


Austria's FMX Prorider Martin Schenk is back on the bike! We are happy, that Muph has celebrated his comeback after his long injury break. So check out, what Muph has to say after his first airtime ... read story

spacer grey05.06.06 | Interview with Giancarlo Bergamini/BRA

Giancarlo Bergamini


One of the best riders in Latin America and a pioneer on Brazilian FMX, Giancarlo Bergamini has skills enough to ride on the big international events. Leaving his native land with many victories now he wants new challenges ... read story

spacer grey05.06.06 | Oystein Kjorstad won FMX contest in Madrid

Øystein Kjørstad


Results final Madrid, (Getafe) Spain May 27th

1. Øystein Kjørstad
2. Nicolas Ortuneo
3. Morgan Carlssson
4. Rino Holm
5. Antonio Navas

spacer grey05.06.06 | Jeremy Stenberg did 155 feet backflip

Jeremy Stenberg


Jeremy "Twitch" Stenberg broke Mike Metzger's long distance backflip record by 30 feet. Twitch jumped 155 feet dirt to dirt and did an onehanded backflip. He also does onhanded Nac Nac Backflips. Will Metzger superimpose it?

spacer grey05.06.06 | Joel Balchin did Hart Attack Backflip

Joel Balchin


Australia's Joel Balchin from Sydney did a Backflip Hart Attack with perfect extension into the foam pit. We are excited for the X Games in Los Angeles this year, where maybe some riders will execute this trick on dirt ... ?

spacer grey04.06.06 | Jump to the music in Sternberg/GER

Basty Radel doing a Hart Attack


Next weekend the "Jump to the music" event takes place in Sternberg/Germany. The german Riders like Basty Radel, Florian Menge, Sebastian Dunkel, David Salfeld and Michael Lewe will rock to the music and show their skills. So check out this event ... read story