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Newsflash | 07/2006 [ News Archive ]

spacer grey27.07.06 | Invited FMX riders to X-Games 12 in LA

X-Games 12


The X-Games 12 will take place in Los Angeles/USA between August 3rd and 6th. Here is the list of the invited riders for the X-Games 12 MotoX disciplines ... read story

spacer grey25.07.06 | Busty Wolter Column

Busty Wolter


Since I was so busy travelling the world and riding my different sized bikes I just did not find the time to write my newsletters. So now you are getting a big look on what was happening the last month. First of all I tried to make my newsletter better and hope you like the new format. ... read story

spacer grey25.07.06 | Sanfilippo Invitational FMX

Sanfilippo Invitational


The Sanfilippo Invitational FMX event takes place in August 1st in Mimizan. Riders like Remi Bizouard, Morgan Carlson, Vimmy Verburgh, Tobi Immler, Sydney De Andres etc. will take part.

spacer grey25.07.06 | Relaunch of the IFMXF website

IFMXF website


The IFMXF website got a sweet relaunch with nice features. The design looks pretty good and the categories are much better arranged now. So have a look on the site and check it out ... read story

spacer grey25.07.06 | Fab Bauersachs Column

Fab Bauersachs


Fab Bauersachs wrote down what has happened the last weeks. He has almost finished building his foampit. He also was in Finland at the FMX challenge and at the Sweetspot event of Fred Johansson. So check out in the columns category, what Fab has to say.

spacer grey23.07.06 | GO FAST! sponsors Freddy Peters

Freddy Peters


GO FAST! brings Power on the FMX-Track. The american Energy Drink sponsors the german Freestyle Motocross-Pro Freddy Peters , who is currently # 21 of the IFMXF story

spacer grey20.07.06 | DEW ACTIONSPORTS TOUR | Denver

DEW Actionsports Tour 2006


Last weekend the 2nd tourstop of the DEW Actionsportstour took place in Denver/USA. Mr. Innovation Travis Pastrana showed an amazing Indian Superman Backflip and won the contest followed by Nate Adams and Kenny Bartram ... read story

spacer grey17.07.06 | Busty Wolter Interview

Busty Wolter


All started with a successful MX racing- and lateron an enduro career. After a hard crash and the following shoulder injury in the late 90's Busty Wolter focused on FMX. Busty is one of the first riders in the German FMX history. Busty also was the 1st German rider successfully executing a backflip on dirt. We talked with Busty during his Scandinavian trip ... read story

spacer grey11.07.06 | Remi Bizouard won FMX Challenge in Finland

Remi Bizouard


This year's FMX Challenge was held in Ratina stadium, Tampere. 10 top riders of all over world was invited inc. Dustin Miller and Robbie Maddison. Track was like IFMXF contests with two 8m radius ramps, fun box and a kicker. ... read story

spacer grey11.07.06 | Coming up - Sweetspot Allstars Jam

Sweetspot allstars jam


Upcoming Saturday the Sweetspot Allstars Jam will take place in Sweden. Good FMX, BMX, Minicross and breakdance action is preprogrammed. Following FMX riders will take part: Remi Bizouard, Thom Johansson, Libor Podmol, Martin Koren, Nick Franklin, Fredrik Johansson and Busty Wolter.