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The Alvaro Dal Farra Column


On July 15th/16th I organized my birthday party in at my city with Red Bull and also a FMX jam with Fiat in my home compound/park.

Alve celebrating his birthday

A lot of riders came over to my place to party and to jumps with the da boot crew. Unfortunately I didn't jump, because my sholder was broken ... the party was awesome.

Alvaro Dal Farra
Alve in Tignes
After that I went to Tigne for an international show, but I didn't ride, because I had a problem with my stomach. So I had to stay in bed for 2 days. The next day I rode with Manu Troux in his park. I felt much better, but my shoulder wasn't okay, yet.

After that I drove with Troux to Bourgos in Spain for an international event. Unfortunately the pain in my shoulder came back again, so I decided to cancel the last run.

I returned back to my house in Italy to work with my therapist for 10 days to recover the shoulder injury. And then I went with Fiat freestyleteam to California to film for the next Fiat 500 spot. I also watched the X Games in LA. It was so crazy, what these guys performed ...
At the moment I'm in Spain at Morgan Carlson's House and I trained in Andre Villa's FMX Park with Villa himself, Morgan and another Norwegian guy.

In August 25th I'll go to Almeria to take part at a FMX contest with Carlson, De Andres and some other riders.

go party, Alve

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