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The Alvaro Dal Farra Column


Hallo everybody,

I'm writing to inform you that I feel really better now, I'm beginning to move my first steps and to leave my bed... It's really awesome rebegin to do all the normal things, like drink from a glass, eat or brush my teeth while I'm sitting or standing, not to say my first shower... but the best thing is use the WC again =)

After first check up visit seems that my pelvis is on the way to fix very well, so I can move with wheelchair and walker; soon I will leave this helpful things to arrive at a normal situation. I'm happy 'cause I'm recovering fast, this is the most important to me. Soon I will begin physioterapy with my doctor Luca Filippin, I think it'll be really hard reinforce my muscles (I lost more than 9kg), but luckily my doctor will let me work really hard as usual.

I would like to go out and run, take my bike for a ride, but is too soon now. This situation brings me to appreciate a lot what I have and I had, I'm feeling a very lucky guy. I want to say another time thank you to all of you because you're great, I continue to be in touch with you with wishes, greetings and all, and all this makes me happy.

Ride to party, see you soon, Alve

The FORTY8 Team wishes Alve a quick recovery – Get well soon!

Check for more information about Alve.

In the new issue of Riders (Italy) you will find two pages dedicated to alve and his thoughts after his crash. Moreno Pisto and the photographer Giovanni Hanninen went to see Alve in hospital and at home, to speak about the B-side of a pro athlete: injuries and recovering, with all bad times and difficulties connected to them.

On the Photoannual of Freerider Australian mag, one of the most important in the fmx world, there are two pics of Alve, one in Southafrica and one in Japan

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