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The Nick de Wit Column
written by Nick de Wit


Hey Everyone.

This month has been a little less traveling but just as crazy. I got home from Europe in the beginning of August and was straight into a film shoot. We did some riding for the guys that were making the new Hyundai add. It was pretty cool.

Nick de Wit

They rearranged my freestyle park so they could jump their car and then we got the machines to rebuild it how we wanted. I put in a few new jumps and some more crazy stuff for us to play on. Between all of that I was also getting ready for X-Fighters Germany. I left for that on the 12 August and the event was on
the 16th. It was amazing and crazy all at once. They built the track in the bottom of a rock quarry and put lights and walkways all around it. The track was crazy too. We had some really big jumps, 30m, and jumps with no proper landing.

Nick de Wit

You had to jump to the side and land into a big dirt bowl. It was loads of fun but definitely separated the men from the boy. Not too sure what side I was but I had a cool ride. Once again the level was really high and I managed to crack the top 10 this time. I finished 9th. After that one I flew home for my birthday on the 22nd and an off weekend for a change. That didn't keep me off the bike didn't do an event. I had a few good days riding and then we hopped in the car and did some traveling in SA for a change. We drove 4 hours from JHB to a town called Louis Trigardt. We had a demo there at a show they were having. It was really windy there but we managed to do a few shows over the weekend and keep all the spectators entertained. That was my August in a nut shell. In September I'm going to be on the road a lot. I am going to Ukraine for a few events and then around the rest of Europe. Should be fun. I will keep you all updated on what's happening.

Hope all of you had a good month and all is well.

Thanks for all the support.


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