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The Nick de Wit Column
Column written by Nick de Wit


Hey Everyone! Hope you guys are all doing well. This month has been as crazy as usual. It all started in Egypt with the RedBull X-fighters. It was my first stop for the year and it was a really tough one. The track was relatively simple compared to the other stops but that just made the competition even more tough with everyone being able to throw in all their big tricks. My qualifying round went well with me qualifying in 10th spot with the next 3 riders within 5 points of me.

I shuffled my run around a bit and added some different tricks in which i hoped would give me a few extra points to overtake the guys in front of me. In the main event i started my run off really good nailing all my tricks perfectly but on the final jump i decided to add a little extra to my run but it backfired on me. I landed with no hands but something went wrong and i ended up bouncing down the landing without the bike. I was really disappointed because one crash messes everything up. I didn't catch the guys but im more determined than ever now and will come back strong next time.

After Egypt I flew to Europe for some demo events. My first one was in Denmark. It was a lot of fun performing in front of 15000 people. Its always fun riding in front of such a big crowd. Next i was off to Gothenburg Sweden for another demo. The weekend started off being really wet and muddy but the sun came out for the show and the wind picked up. We really didn't have good luck that weekend but we were still able to put on a good show for the spectators. From Sweden I drove back down to Belgium and got all our equipment ready for a tough
weekend. We went and participated in the worlds toughest enduro. The Erzberg Rodeo.

The first day was a time trial up a huge mountain. You have to race up small roads up to the top of a huge rock mine. It takes about 14 minutes to get to the top. Out of 1800 people that enter only 500 go through to the main race. I qualfied for the main race but decided to leave the enduro to the pro's. We did a FMX show there but unfortunately we had to cut it short. One of the riders made a mistake and crashed into the landing ramp. He broke his jaw and foot and had to be airlifted to the hospital. That put a huge damper on the weekend.

Now i am currently in Belgium getting ready for my next event in Germany this weekend. I will stay in europe for 3 more weeks and then will return back to SA for some events on the beach in Durban. I'm really looking forward to that one.

Hope you all had an awesome month.

Keep well and thanks for the support


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