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The Nick de Wit Column
Column written by Nick de Wit


Hey Everyone!
Yip its this time of the month again. Another one behind us. July has been a little less hectic than the may and June but it hasn't kept me from being busy. I got home from switzerland and got straight on my bike for some training. Its was so good to be able to ride in my park again and just practice some of those tricks that have been getting a bit rusty on the road.

I wasn't home for long. I got a phone call and i was invited to go and ride the X-Fighter demo in Lima Peru. It was really short notice but i packed my bike parts in a bag and i hopped on a flight to south America. 24 hours of traveling on the thursday , friday was practice, Saturday was the show and then on sunday i hopped back on the plane back to South Africa. Just a quick trip but we did a lot in those 2 days. We did the show outside the Peru Parliament buildings and got to take some photos inside it. was quite and experience.

When i got back from Peru, I started preparing for a Red Bull show that we put on on friday 23 July in Pretoria South Africa. It was in a square right outside a university so we had about 2000 screaming students enjoying the event. on Saturday 24 July I had a TV Interview on Supernova on Super Sport. It was a lot of fun. After the Interview i went to one of my friends tracks for an open-day, which is like a development day for the up and coming FMXers. It was really cool to see so many young guys hitting the ramps.

Thats what i was up to this month. August is going to be another month filled with training and getting ready for my trip to europe in September. Hope you all had a good July.

Thanks for the support


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