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The Fab Bauersachs Column
written by Fabian Bauersachs


15./16. Mai IFMXF SanliUrfa Turkey

Suzuki premiere in Turkey at the IFMXF WC in Sanliurfa where i enter the contest with my RM 250. 36 degrees in the shadow, nearly no wind in the arena excepting while having a
sandstorm and lots of problems made the event to a tuff one for all participants. Trackbuilders had a lot of space but not enough trucks to get more dirt in and of course not the machines they would like to have to shape all the landings. Our hotel was just crazy- i was in a lot of hotels before but this one was awesome ... the bed was just 2 mattresses bended like a banana, some rider had boulders unter it to make it a bit more straigt, the bathroom was pretty black and the carpet felt like it was alive.

Practise on Friday was pretty good already and i used the time to get used to my flip combos and the different ramps. Saturday we had to wait for about 2 hours before starting with the training because the hospital quit the cooperation with the IFMXF without reasons and so
the had to make a new plan.We started in the midday heat an all riders was really happy about the hot conditions ;o).In the evening we had nearly the same game and had to wait again 1,5 or more hours before the events starts but in the end all worked out.Had a really good run in the qualification with big NacFlip, TsunamiIndy, NoHandFlip, SuperFlip in Double Up and some other good stuff and finished on place 9 !!! ???

What???- not possible unless they changed the number of jumps from 6 to 7 after the official training and the jugdes try to talk to the riders without having a serious ridersmeeting while they change clothes and get ready for the event.Because i was ready 30 min before already i tried to relax with music and find some rest in that chaos and so i didn´t realize that modification and choosed a kick in my bud.Out of the final on this evening although i had the
chance to be on 5th or 4th place with the one jump more. Arrrghhh!

Sunday, i was really motivated and showed a really good run too as i did the day before.All clean, safe and extended and so i made it to the final on 6th place.In the Final i came out with my favourite tricks and did my first SuperFlipIndy while a contest at the double up and i was really happy with my run and of course with my new bike too. Finished on 5th place and this is a great start with the Yellow Magic ;o).

Everyone was pretty happy on monday to go back home without injuries and so did i.
But i brought a present for me and it ends with bad stomach seizures and some long times on the toilet. Because of that i was not able to go the the next show at the DirtBike Masters and no chance to train for 4 days. Finally i am back on the bike and was able to catch a good day to ride my 2nd Suzuki.

See you soon,


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