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The Fab Bauersachs Column
written by Fabian Bauersachs


First FMX GermanChampionship at Airport Sömmerda
In the middle of June we had the first round of the german FMX Championship. 15 motivated riders signed on for that event and some choose that location to ride out their first longflips to dirt. After 2 training sessions we get used to the Setup and all were ready to rock. The qualification was pretty good, we had good weather conditions and so we was able to show the spectators some nice FMX action and some of them now can imagine what will go in future. Many riders worked pretty good on their trickskills and will step it up more and more for sure...

I felt really comfortabel in the quali and won that run with a clean and solid run. The Final was canceld because of the upcoming strong wind and so i took the victory in front of local Hannes and Lukas. It´s a good idea to get the young riders closer to the contest feeling with events like those but the events should work as good as possible in all parts to guarantee some fun time, hahaa.

Ducati Motor Day in Misano / Italy
On 11. Juni  “… i saw red”! The racing circuit in Misano was the meeting point for all Ducati Fans & Lovers and beside some hot bikes there was some others hot chassies as well.
Together with the Daboot Crew riders Mikky Monty, Massimo and Jader i jumped 2 shows in the evening on the start/finish line and we impressed the spectators with our bike skills.
The mobile Setup of the Caboot Crew is one of the best i jumped and because of the good size of the landing there is not need to feel scared before the first jump.

This is a big advantage on events like the Ducati Days where we had not time for training and you need to go big after 2 or 3 testjumps. The days before the show i was again in Alvaros Place and used the time for a nice riding session in his park. Thanks a lot to Alvaro to let me stay in his apartement and ride in his park, and also to Lucia who took care of the organisation work.
In the next time i will spend some time in some "finetuning" of my bike / suspension setup and will work on my new autograph cards.

See you soon,


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