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The Morgan Carlson Column
written by Morgan Carlson


Hi there!
Just got back from one of the coolest events I ever done. Me, Jimmy Verburgh, and Nick de Witt did a media-only Red Bull X-Fighters Promotion in Istanbul, Turkey. We had seen pictures of this old Aquaduct from the Roman Empire and it looked like we could jump thrue one of the holes of it. Once we got there and put ramps and stuff up the day before the event it looked more scary than anything I jumped before, the ledge on the window looked so freakin´ tall that it looked unpossible to jump it without hitting it. And stupid as I am I told Jimmy and Nick that it would be a piece of cake and I would hit
it first, but that was long before we got there. Once on location I was´nt
as hardcore as I thought, after some work and calculations I finally
jumped it and cleared the ledge with less then a meter to spare.

Morgan Carlson

We did 2 hours of photoshoots for a buch of well known photographers and got the work done, Red Bull happy, we happy! Great succes!
Check out for some of the pictures. Photofiles works as a database for over 8000 mediapartners around the world and just getting on there is worth to put in your CV. Check out the results on and I been on the frontpage for over a week now!

Morgan Carlson

After the show Red Bull offered me to shave of my mustache that I been working on, thought it would be sweet to show up in Turkey with a mustache, you know to blend in better, if I tell you like this. I could just as well brought a christian cross to a mosk! I was the only guy around with mustache, and I even put some mascara in to make it look less scandiavian. I took the offer.

This week I´m heading to Germany for a show at the Beer and More festival and then back to Turkey for another Red Bull tour around 4 or 5 univeritys in Istanbul and Ankara. By the way! My website is up again!

Hope to see you soon!


Morgan Carlson

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