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The Snitz Column
written by Steve Sommerfeld


Hey all my European friends, how's it going? I'm actually writing this update pool-side at the Roosevelt Hotel right in the centre of Hollywood, USA. I never would have thought I'd be here and just relaxing but I'll explain that later.

The past month has been crazy for me back in Australia and I've been busier than a one armed Sydney taxi driver with crabs. Firstly I was recovering from my broken ankle from back in March. After 4 months of physiotherapy and using these new Q-Magnets for therapy I was ready to ride. I headed out to Schuie's again and hit the ramps up and I was back doing all my tricks in 2 days which was cool! It felt like after 4 months I had barely been off the bike and I was building my confidence up hitting all of Schuie's crazy dirt jumps without an issue.

Unfortunately that was going to be the last bit of riding for me again as I was an idiot and dislocated my elbow which tore the medial ligament and grade 2 tear of the lateral ligament in the Elbow. So yep, I'm out of action again for another month.

The timing wasn't so bad though, at least it isn't the middle of competition and show season here in Australia. Winter nothing really happens so it's not like I had to knuckle down and do comps every week or anything. Instead me and Matt 'Schuie' Schubring decided to start our own S & S FMX Coaching course on his property. It took about 4 weeks to go from the idea of having the idea of coaching to getting it opened. We actually opened the S & S FMX Coaching set up last week for the first time. It was an awesome first day and we had a couple of riders come and they essentially got one-on-one coaching. So hopefully that's a good thing for FMX in Australia and also helps out the local community which is always the hardest thing.

Schuie and I finished coaching on Saturday and then I had to drive home straight away to pack my bags to fly to the USA the next morning. My clothing sponsor Valyside is attending a big clothing convention in Las Vegas, and they wanted me to come help out in both Marketing and also being a rep for the company. After almost a day of flying we got off the plane in LAX and drove straight to Hotel Roosevelt which is right in the centre of Hollywood. From the start of the trip to now, a bit of a week in, we've met some cool people and partied with the best of them including X-Games Skate gold medallist Jake Brown who is a fellow Aussie, old school skater Pat Duffy and Brandon Biebel.

We met up with a wakeboard coach Jeff Oborn who's sponsored by Hyperlite and lives just outside LA. He was kind enough to take us for a day behind a Malibu for some wakeboarding which was much needed for us to get some sun. Unfortunately I was too amped to get out there that I over-did it and slammed my ankle and almost popped my elbow out again when I was trying to nail Back Rolls, and not to mention getting some serious sunburn.

Well I better go, more marketing work to do for Valyside while sitting by the pool and then off to Las Vegas on the weekend. Hopefully I don't blow all my cash on the pokies and can afford to fly back home. You'll find out in next month's update if I've had to beg to get some internet time.



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