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The Busty Wolter Column
written by Sebastian Wolter



it took me one week of recovery after the Rock am Ring music festival on the first June weekend. Me and my buddies were invited by Suzuki to do minibike demos, enjoy bands as Guns'n'Roses, Turbonegro and Metallica and bust it big on the Suzuki Fight, Grill and Dive afterparties. We had great fun all weekend long. Watching G'n'R play on the first night brought back some memories of my wild teenager days. So I decided to not talk that much this time, but to send you some oldschool Heavy Metal pics of myself from 1994... (check out the Wayne's World cap! Excellent!)

Besides all the partying I was busy druing the week, too, by becoming 29 (the magic 30 is getting closer and closer...) and buying 3,5 tons of foam for our foampit (bad news: we have to cut it in cubes by ourselves...). To our surprise the weather is very well in Germany right now and I finally got my first german-made sunburn! YEAH!

I will be busy by working on the foampit the next days, but in two
weeks will be my next show at the Southside musicfestival.

Catch up with you soon,

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