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The Busty Wolter Column
written by Sebastian Wolter



again I was too much on the road to keep you updated after every event. Sorry for that. In the last weekend of May I rode at the Red Bull X-Fighters in Slane Castle / Ireland. My opponenet in the head to head system was Mr. Ronnie Renner. If he wouldn‘t have jumped into the sky out of the huge quarterpipe I would have had him covered the judges told me... But riding at the cool course in front of the Rock‘n‘Roll castle was great anyway. Thanks Red Bull!

From X-Fighters I had to go straight away to the german TV-show „Unglaublich“ (translated: unbelievable), in which I was competing in a highjump-contest against Tim Lobinger, Germanies best highjump athlete. He used his poll, I was on my bike. I could beat him in the end and more then 6 million people watched the exciting duell in their TV.
From that show I had to head straight down to Munich, to do co-commentary about the X-Fighters for german digital TV station

Afterwards I went on to Brixen / Italy for the „Stick the Trick“ contest. It was raining in between, but the track stayed pretty rideable. After nearly killing myself on a Whip-Flip in my final run, I took it easy and finished my run with some goonriding and oldschool-tricks. Of course I didn‘t score too high for that and ended up in 4th position behind Massimo Bianconchini, Øsytein Kjørstad and Fab Bauersachs.

Busty Wolter

After Brixen the time had come for my long awaited US-trip. After some days of vacation in San Francisco and Santa Cruz, I picked up my riding gear in the Fox headquarter and got a little tour through the factory. After the holiday-days it was time for work. I went to the Reno-area to ride together with the NV/HC crew (Mason, Jones, Miller, Foster, Burlew) for a week. We had some great practice sessions, and thanks again to all the boys for their help. Also a big thank you to Mr. Villa for orrowing
me his US-bike.

Busty Wolter | crash at the DEW Tour 2007 in Baltimore
After a week of practice it was time for the DEW tour in Baltimore. Unfortunately things didn‘t go too well for me. On the second practice day I looped out on a shitty ramp, that also sent other riders looping out badly. I stayed on the bike and went over the bars when I landed. I crashed very hard on my back and was spitting blood. Luckily it turned out nothing was broken, just a bruised lung and a badly beaten up back. With a big swelling I watched the rest of the contest and took pictures. One day many riders went to Travis Pastranas house to ride, that was pretty fun, too. And thanks to TP for letting me use his bike!
But it seems that I don‘t have too much luck competing in the US...

When I came back home I wanted to get the fluid in my back drained to get back on the bike asap. But unfortunately the crash was worse than it seemed at first. The docs kept me in hospital, cut me open, drained 2 liters of fluid. Through the crash the skin and fat layer got ripped off the muscle layer. I had a pretty big „bag“ in my back, that was filled with fluid. The docs had to sew the layers together and I was not allowed to get up for 3 days. Now I have to rest for 2 weeks or so and take things easy.

Bummer! But in the end I could have easily broken my back, so I am just happy that it didn‘t happen. I can only recommend: always wear protection! The X-Fighters in Moscow got canceld due to missing permissions. The Russians seem to be working slow... so at least I
didn‘t miss the event while being in hospital. In fact I got invited to ride the X-fighters in Madrid as reserve rider. I am stoked about that. Until then the back shouldn‘t be a problem anymore. While I was in the USA I got a big 9-page interview in german „motoX magazine“, I am pretty stoked about that. So if you have the chance, check it out! With „Skullcandy“ we also have a new Upforce-sponsor. Check out their cool headphones!

So for now I am trying to get a quick recovery and to be in shape for X-fighters in Madrid. Not much is happening until then
for me.

That‘s it for now.



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