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The Fab Bauersachs Column
written by Fabian Bauersachs


WorldCup in new O2 Arena / Berlin, Germany

First “battle of nations” is over and there was many things going on…The O2 Arena is a real eyecatcher and big enough for a sweet playground for us and even a snowmobile- and quad – action.Snowmobil and quad have been the first highlights with flipping the 20m at this event and for the first time we had a mobile landing (covered with dirt) in the IFMXF WorldCup setup. This landing was pretty sweet and would be a great alternative to typical mobile landings on a truck. No trouble with moving dirt and the ankle was smooth too…

First time on our german ramps I felt pretty good and found a suspension setup which worked ok for me this time. I have been only 2 weeks in Italy before to test the new bike but the ramps there are different to the german ones and I had only 3 trainings with 6 min in Berlin to get everything working good. But after training I felt easy and was pumped for the qualification…
First evening I had a smooth and clean run with all my good tricks, trackuse and new learned 9o´clocks. I missed the final because of only 3 points…and here´s again the damn 7 ;o).That´s just annoying but I beat some guys like Brody Wilson and Steve Mini—so my run was not bad for sure.
Next evening was even a bit better and with 9 o´clock lookback, NoHandFlip to OneHand Landing (good to have that new GPR Stabilizer and Stompgrip stuff  for extra control)  I made it to the final. I am pretty happy with my final run – even though I can´t understand that point gap to 5th place. But some things will never change I guess…

Here a good comment to that situation out of my guestbook:
… normally perfect extended tricks should get more points than bad Flipcombos. FMX is not only Fliping the bike. Stay true to your style, you riding great.

This week I used to get my ramps ready with new metal on and hopefully the sun will come out often enougt to ride in my Fabland.
Next IFMXF event will be on 17.18. April in Graz/Austria.
Check out  the new pics on my HP…


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