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written by Tobias Hannig | February 2008

The finest Freestyle Motocross flick from Italy ever. That's my first thought after watching this great DVD filmed and edited by Alberto Accettulli. He travelled around with the DabooT crew to film their home compound, shows, contests and some other nice locations.

Staring are the DABOOT riders Alvaro Dal Farra, Massimo Bianconcini, Michele Monti, Vanni Oddera, Jader Toninello, Luca Zironi, Carlo Caresana, Maurizio Poggiana and Paolo Grana.

There is also ab european riders part with Mat Rebeaud, Busty Wolter, Remi Bizouard, Manu Troux and the Pages brothers.


The spots are: Alvaro' s park Belluno, Carlo' s park Dorno, Bianco' s park Bologna, Miki' s park Lido di Savio, Villa's park Spagna, Manu' s park Ossegor, Bizouard' s park Francia, Rebeaud' s park Svizzera, Jimmy' s park California, Freeride Boumond California.

Sales price: Euro 19.90 - it's worth its price!

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