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Belgium proves again how anti-motosports
the people and government are

15 years long, William Van den Putte use his backyard from MX to SX circuit to contemporary FMX park, foampit and 2 landings. 15 years long never have complaints from neighbors. All local residents were proud of how William and his team could work on their stunts and tricks. Until about 3 years a command came from the mayor himself who demanded that all dirtlandings had to disappear. Who did not even realize what a talent he has in his own town "OLEN".

But now because of "THE Belgian LAW" the dirtlanding have to disappear and if he doesn't, or even if he ride's again on his own area, He have to pay 5000 euro's. What kind of idiot made this rules!

William has a competition within 2 weeks for the world championship FMX and may no longer practise for his stunts. This is a sport! and they treat us like criminals! 15 years, William built his talent on his own ground. All his tricks and stunts, and his readiness to the world championship he has learned there. Until now .. Now everything disappear. What kind of country is this!



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