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Masters of Dirt 2009 World Tour - Vienna

MOD Press release | Pics by Martin Reiter

Masters of Dirt goes Flippen’ nuts in Vienna!

There was no better conclusion to the night’s madness, than Scott Murray’s FMX Double Backflip. The riders, audience and crew were completely worn out after a 3 hour bombardment on their senses. Like a symphony of carnage, made complete by Murray’s mind-bending feat. There was no rest - just one piece of insanity right after the next, steadily building up, with no rest for the nerves at all!

The night had started with long time crowd favourite in Vienna, Ronnie Renner, entering the Vienna Stadthalle in Kitt, David Hasselhoff’s trusty car from the 80’s Knight Rider TV series. Once the intro, dancing, Fuel Girls, fire and impressive theatrics were over though, it was all about high impact Dirt Bike riding.

The BMX and MTB crew threw down a side-by-side train of the biggest dirt tricks known, to end their segment. Vincent “The Machine” Massardier, not satisfied, came out later in the show and unleashed a massive frontflip over the FMX ramp on his BMX thanks to a tow-in from Busty. This kid from Marseille is sick!

The final bit of bicycle action was near the end of the show when “Hucker”, TJ and Andreu all set the scene for Scott’s finale double ‘flip, with their own dirt jump double backflips.

The main feature was of course the FMX, which was fast, chaotic and crazy. Riders side by side, wheel to wheel, doing the sickest tricks. No judging panel was needed, as the crowd chose their favourites. Winner of the “Whip” contest both nights, was Edgar “ET” Torronterras, but it wasn’t easy for him, as Renner, Massimo Bianconcini and Charles Pages had some ridiculous whips and turndowns of their own to keep it tight. During the show, ET had grabbed the announcer’s mike and gave an impromptu Beatbox display to the Viennese FMX freaks. The mad Spaniard, always funny and always pulling something expected out the bag for the fans!

Flying higher, Xgames gold medallist and World Quarter Pipe record holder, Ronnie Renner stomped the Step-up both nights. He had a weird line that had him hitting the lip at almost 45 degrees on approach, then carving up the vertical face and soaring over the bar. Alastair Sayer from Botswana and Brice Izzo tried in vain, but had no answer for Ronnie this time. Renner was so stoked on the event and had this to say: “This was the best show I have ever been a part of”.

Mind blowing trains, the side by side action of the Synchro show and the new Flip progression segment, kept the intensity building, before Pages, Remi and ET went head to head to choose a crowd favourite in the final of FMX. On Saturday, Remi edged ahead of ET and Pages, but they came back swinging on Sunday and there was very little separating it in the end. Eventually, Charles just getting it ahead of Remi.

American FMX rider Justin Hoyer also had his Snowmobile along for the fun and after pulling out some massive FMX tricks on his sled, pinned it into the launch and looped the 300kg snowmobile out into a gigantic backflip. He was joined by his countryman, Jon Guetter, who flipped his 450 Quadbike over the 22 metre long FMX gap. Massive respect to both of them for flipping such massive, heavy and dangerous pieces of machinery!

Hoyer, who has travelled the globe and been the feature at many of the major events, had this to say: “That was the best show in the World”. Guetter agreed: “Yeah, the best show I have ever been in. I don’t think that there is anything else that you could possibly fit into it”

To complete the dirt bike line-up on the night, Travis Hart, Tomas Barta and Czech newcomer Bilek “Bilko”, represented for the “little guys” on their pitbikes. Ending their part with some wheel to wheel trains, whips and flips. Travis had several huge crashes as he attempted to stick the 360. That guy is tough!

In true M.O.D. style, the after party, before party and every other bit of spare time, were filled with the regular flat out and wide open fun and carnage that is part of the M.O.D deal.

The next stop of the 09 M.O.D World Tour hits Linz, Austria at the end of March before the exotic location of Malta in May.

M.O.D’s Georgie Fechter has vowed to add even more for 2010: “You can be sure, we will be adding even more highlights for Vienna 2010”.

Keep track of for more event news, pics, video clips and info on where to get the brand new range of M.O.D. clothing.


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