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FMX Show @ 27. ADAC Supercross Stuttgart
First Night / Friday 13th
written by Stefanie Reiß | pictures by

Are you guys superstitious? Yes, it's friday the 13h of November. But we can appease you – the 27th issue of the traditional ADAC Supercross in the Schleyerhalle Stuttgart was a great event without any bad vibrations. The people got entertained with finest Supercross action on a really technical SX track with a lot of flow and of course with a Freestyle Motocross show performed of some great riders.

The opening show of the 27th ADAC Supercross in Stuttgart

This year there were two FMX Shows with riders like Nick de Wit, US-boy Ryan Logan and the Upforce Crew Busty Wolter, Fab Bauersachs, Stefan Bengs and young gun Dennis Garhammer from Reutlingen near Stuttgart.

Here are some picture impressions of the FMX Show on friday night:

Nick de Wit flipping his KTM over the 16 meter gap

The FMX landing was pretty big this year. Unfortunately the hight of the Arena is only 12 meters, so the riders could not show their full skills. The gap between ramp and landing was ca. 16 meters.

Local hero Dennis Garhammer with his signature trick Deadbody

Busty Wolter doing a Seatgrab Indy. We talked with Busty before the show. He is riding infrequently since a few months, because of other jobs like doing TV-Show moderation for Red Bull X-Fighers and some filming etc. But he is still the "Goon Man" and motivates the crowd!

Ryan Logan doing a Hart Attack Scorpion style ... sorry, we vergot his name – never heard from this guy, but he was doing great!

Dennis Garhammer pumping the Swabian Crowd with a Supercan Indy

Fab Bauersachs (waving to the fans) doing a Onehanded Backflip

Another Flip by Busty Wolter

Sorry for the bad quality of the pics, but the flood-lighting in the arena (especially during the FMX Show) was really bad.

In summery the 27th ADAC SX was a great starter into the 2009/2010 SX Cup season and the Freestyle Fans saw a great mix of standard tricks and some backflips of fabulous Fab, Nick de Wit and Busty Wolter. And everyone got one's money's worth with this great FMX/SX action.

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