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Swiss Freestyle Challenge | Zug (SUI)
text by Thamer Engeli

Last weekend the Swiss Freestyle Challenge took place in Zug whicht is in Switzerland. The Contest was in an Ice-Hockey stadium The FMX track was really good prepared. In the middle of the Stadium was a Big Dirt Landing like at the X-Fighters, so you were able to land from different angles. They put the 8m radius Ramp from Engeli, Marco Bleiker's 9m radius and his new constructed Super-Kicker Ramp on the Track.

The Riders list was pretty good with Rider's like Rico Rinderknecht, Daniel Liska, Mario Gut, Thamer Engeli, the German Sven Schmidt, Bernard, Groefflin and Harald. Bleiker and Berner were still injured. The had to ride a qualifier at the beginning of the evening, where 6 Riders qualified for the Final.

Between the qualification and the Final they did a Whip contest, Daniel Liska took the 1st Place with some nice Siteturn/Twitch-Whips. 2nd place goes to Mario Gut. 3rd for Kevin Groefflin.

The Final was really awsome, Rinderknecht and Gut had a nice Battle for 2nd Place. 3rd Place for Rinderknecht with a One hand supercan indy, Nine o´clock, Rock Solid, Tsunami and Indy Seatgrab one Hand.
2nd Place for Gut, Scorpion, Double grab Scorpion, Starfish, McMetz to
Heelclicker and Sterilizer.

1st Place for Thamer Engeli. He made a Onehand Supercan Indy, Tsunami, Rock Solid, Double Hartattack and a Nofooted Backflip over the Superkicker.

The after Show Party was "The Hammer" a Hardcore Band was playing and all the Riders and People where there and Freaked out.

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