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Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour 2010 | Moscow
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Just weeks after the spectacular show under the gaze of the towering Pyramids and Great Sphinx in Giza, the Red Bull X-Fighters are set to celebrate their second brand-new stop of the year in Russia at the most prestigious location in the country: Moscow’s Red Square.

Levi Sherwood won the qualifying of the Red Bull X-Fighters on friday. He looked confident on the bike and made massive tricks like this CrackNac and a unbelievable Ruler Flip.

On Friday, the night before the event, the qualifier ended with the following result:

Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour 2010, Moscow

Results Qualifying

1. Levi Sherwood - NZL
2. Nate Adams - USA
3. Robbie Maddison - AUS
4. Dany Torres - ESP
5. Andre Villa - NOR
6. Eigo Sato - JAP
7. Adam Jones - USA
8. Mat Rebeaud - CH
9. Blake Williams - AUS
10. Jim McNeil - USA
11. Cam Sinclair - AUS
12. Alex Kolesnikov - RUS

Andrè Villa doing a huge Ruler Flip in his qualification run. He qualified in 5th position. He will ride against Dany Torres in the next round today.

Bad news about Blake "Bilko" Williams. He went for a huge Cliffhanger Flip in the last practise and on the way back to the bars Bilko missed one side and went down pretty hard. It seems he broke his collarbone and suffered some minor injuries. Get well soon buddy!

Jim McNeil placed 9th in the qualifiction. One of his signature tricks – the Superman Seatgrab Backflip.

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