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The Adrenaline Show of the Year Is Back

Prague, November 15, 2005 – Only a few days remain until the Nokia Freestyle Motocross show opens in Sazka Arena, organized by GSMA. Due to huge demand of the fans, the show takes place on Saturday November 19 from 6:00 pm and also on Sunday November 20 from 3:00 pm.

Nokia FMX Show Prag 2005
The opening with pyro show

Gladiators in the Arena
Gladiators in the arena are not only the topic of historians and movie scriptwriters. They inspired us to design a unique freestyle motocross show where history meets current. Are we any different from the inhabitants of the ancient Rome?

Petr Kuchař (CZ) doing an extended Cliffhanger

The show will evoke the atmosphere of the ancient Roman gladiator games. Eight foreign riders have confirmed their participation headed by the winner of this year’s Red Bull X-Fighters and X-Games Nat Adams.

Nate Adams
Nate Adams doing a long distance Backflip

Other confirmed riders include Dustin Miller (USA), Jake Windham (USA), Andy Bell (CAN), Reagan Sieg (CAN), Morgan Carlson (NOR), Mike Mason (USA), Jeff Fehr (CAN), Jimmy Verburgh (BEL), Petr Kuchař (CZ), Martin Koren (CZ), Libor Podmol (CZ) and the 14-year old Petr Pilát (CZ).

Jimmy Verburgh
FMX4ever rider Jimmy Verburgh - Hart Attack

The Youngest Backflip in the World
The names of the riders ensure a truly modern FMX show in Europe’s newest hall – the Sazka Arena. It will most definitely be the showcase of the most daring tricks as Prague’s audience of 17,000 will drive the riders to their outer limits. However the backflip of the 14-year old Petr Pilát will probably become the highlight of the evening. Petr had prepared this trick for the last year’s event already but a serious injury knocked him out for 6 months forcing him to postpone the debut of his trick by one year.

Petr Pilát
The local hero Petr Pilát performed a Backflip

“I am extremely happy we were forced to open the second show on Sunday to satisfy the high demand of the audience. This will be a great show and if Petr Pilát shows his backflip, also a feast for the Czech FMX scene. There’s nothing more left to say except for the greetings from Nat Adams, one of the greatest contemporary riders of the planet who’s very much looking forward to Prague.

Libor Podmol
Libor Podmol with a Double Seatgrab Indian

According to Andy Bell, this event will be one of Europe’s best FMX shows,” said Marek Rejman, GSMA.
“Considering the fact that the show open also on Sunday, I believe this year’s event will be even more successful than the last year’s,” said Šárka Osmančíková, Marketing & PR Manager Nokia Czech Republic.

Morgan Carlson
Morgan Carlson with a great style - Cat Nac Indian

Nokia Freestyle Motocross is a part of Extreme Tour 2005, endorsed by Nokia since 2001. Until today, Nokia was the general partner of over 50 events organized by GSMA. This year’s highlight was the Nokia BMX Freestyle Worlds, the world’s Freestyle BMX championship.

Mike Mason
Mike Mason doing a sweet Holygrab

The Nokia Extreme Tour also spawned a new project targeted at young people and music – the Nokia Music Tour that launched June 1 in Zlute lazne and will continue in 2006. Ticket prices range from 350 to 800 Kc.
The tickets can be bought at and any Sazka point-of-sale terminal. Additional information from the world of freestyle motocross can be found at

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