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Nitro Circus European Tour in Vienna
Story by Tobias Hannig | Pictures by Stefan Voitl

The Nitro Circus Live made a tourstop in the home country of Red Bull. The Crew of wunderkind Travis Pastrana showed finest extremesports action in Vienna/Austria on November 23rd/24th. Because the Saturday was already sold out three months before the event, they decided to add an extra show on Friday for the Austrian Fans.

First we would like to get rid of a heart affair: We feel so sorry, because we wanted to present our readers exclusive images and sequences of the FORTY8 and Smoothness originator/photographer Tobias Hannig. Unfortunately independent media people, including Tobias, were NOT allowed to shoot at the event at all – that didn’t happen in the past 12 years of Tobias’ career, working as a photographer in the scene. We are really speechless and hope this occurrence was the first and last one. The images shown in this story are PR images of the Nitro Circus tour photographer Stefan Voitl.

Let’s get back to the event...

The BMX Highlights: Chad Kagy, James Foster, Greg Powell and the other BMX/MTB riders showed successfully executed Double Backflips, KOD-Flips, Lazyboy-Flips and Front-Flips with their bikes. The Triple-Tailwhip-Backflip, Triple-Backflip and the Special-Flip couldn't be ridden out - but were really close. The big distance jumps were awesome and almost more impulsive than the FMX action.

Greg Powell doing his Special Flip

Our big respect goes out to Wheelchair Freestyler Aaron Fotheringham. He crashed doing his first try, but successfully rode out the second one. Afterwards he got standing ovations – congratulations Aaron.

Josh Sheehan stretching for the Tsunami

The FMX Highlights: Jolene van Vougt made an awesome comeback after crashing hard 6 months ago while doing a Backflip. In Vienna she rode out the Backflip safe. She also jumped over the Big Air ramp in a modified pink Barbie car.

Cam Sinclair doing a Threesome - Backflip :-)

The FMX boys also showed finest tricks. Especially the Syncro- and Standard vs. the Backflip Tricks were great to watch. Cam Sinclair picked out two fans of the crowd and made a threesome backflip.

Josh Sheehan and the boys doing a Whip Train
Nitro Circus European Tour in Vienna 2012

Blake Williams showed his signature 360° Nac Nac. Mark Monea tried the Frontflip and almost did it. But unfortunately he struggled during the landing. Maybe the pads on the landing ramp were too soft. Clinton Moore successfully did the Volt. Josh Sheehan made the Double-Flip looking so easy. We also saw Lazyboy- and Rulerflips of Josh Sheehan and Adam Jones performed an extended Doublegrab Flip.

Clinton Moore doing the Volt

It was also great to see that the local hero from Austria Tom Wirnsberger and Germanies No. 1 rider Hannes Ackermann joined the Nitro Circus Tour. By the way - Hannes is riding the whole European Tour.

Travis Pastrana signing everything ...

In summery the Nitro Circus Event in Vienna was a great combination of different extremesports disciplines and finest entertainment by Travis Pastrana and his Nitro Circus crew. Also Andy Zeiss and Busty Wolter were really entertaining speakers. The NC Fans saw the biggest tricks in the business. Everyone got one's money's worth with this action.

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