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Finest FMX @ SX in Munich
Story and pictures by Tobias Hannig /

MERRY X-MAS to everybody! We went to Munich in Bavaria/Germany for the 3rd time this year. After the NIGHT of the JUMPS, Red Bull X-Fighters the olympic city hosts the ADAC Supercross. The MX fans tradionally got entertained with finest SX and FMX action on the last weekend before Christmas.

FMX Show @ ADAC SUPERCROSS in Munich 2012
Picture © Tobias Hannig |

World class riders like runner-up World Champion Libor Podmol, the 3rd and the 5th of the FIM NOTJ David Rinaldo and Hannes Ackermann were invited to show their skills. The rider field comlete Hannes' little brother Luc, Upforce rider Kai Haase and Austrian Gerhard Mayr.

The boys showed their finest tricks like Cordova-, Seatgrab Backflip Combos, Airplanes, Tsunamis, Double Grabs ...

Here are some impressions:

Hannes Ackermann and David Rinaldo doing a Holygrab side by side
FMX Show @ ADAC SUPERCROSS in Munich 2012
Picture © Tobias Hannig |

Libor Podmol with a huge Double Grab Hart AttackLibor Podmol

Luc Ackermann and Gerhard Mayr doing Double Grabs side by side Luc Ackermann and Gerhard Mayr

David Rinaldo with a smooth SupermanDavid Rinaldo

Kai Haase doing a Seatgrab Onehand Indy FootgrabKai Haase | Seatgrab Indy | ADAC Supercross Munich

Hannes Ackermann going big with a Cliffhanger BackflipHannes Ackermann | Cliffhanger Backflip

Luc Ackermann doing a TsunamiLuc Ackermann | Tsunami

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