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Int. FMX Contest | MUNICH/GER
story by Marco Roth & pix by Axel Rohr

At the Supercross in Munich the first FMX Contest took place on Sunday. The FMX contest was hold after the oficial 2006 FIM standarts. The riders had a selection of three different ramps with differently diststances. 16 Riders attended in the qualification for four of the six final places. The last chance, which was hold in a “Best Trick” mode, gave two other riders the possibility to qualify for the final.

Ronnie Renner
Ronnie Renner doing a Rock Solid

Already on Friday and Saturday night the FMX Pros Mat Rebaud, Ronnie Renner, Busty Wolter, „Godfather“ Mike Metzger, Freddy Peters and local Tobi Immler showed that it will be not easy for the other riders to qualify for the main event.

Busty Wolter
Paaaaaarty - Busty Wolter with a sweet girl.

Also from the German FMX Championship well known riders tried to qualify in Munich: Malte Ullrich, Pille Wolter, Gino Ochmann, David Saalfeld and rookie Stefan Bengs. Even though the amateur guys have no chance to get to the final, the crowd saw clearly the high level the amateur riders meanwhile moving.

David Rejsek (CZE)
David Rejsek (CZE) showed some sweet tricks

Also in Munich was the the Lazy Troop with Ilka Salo, Cederik Lerda and Fabien Fenouli. The Frenchmen Fabien Fenouli showed an really good run with tricks like Holy Grab, Cat Nac and a big Rock Solid. He made it directly into the final together with Mat Rebeaud, Busty Wolter and Mike Metzger. The in Germany not so well known riders William van der Putte (BEL), Alex Liemann (CZE) and David Rejsek (CZE) also made a good show doing highleveled tricks.

Tobias Immler
Local Tobias Immler rocked Munich

Davids run seemed to be good enough to get directly into the final, but the judges didn´t agree with me. In the Last Chance, where only the best tricks counts, David had no chance to get into the final. That means, that in the Last Chance only thes riders get to the final, which had a hard trick in stock. No Problem for Ronnie Renner. One big Whip and a perfect Tsunami and the place into the final for Renner was safe.

Freddy Peters
Freddy Peters with a sweet CrackNac

The last place for the main went to Freddy Peters. He showed a 9 o´clock Nac and a Cliffhanger. In the final Freddy was hitting only one of the three ramps and so he ended up at 6th place.

Ronnie Renner
Ronnie Renner whippin' it

Not FIM Loving Busty Wolter to his patricipation: ”I´m booked for this event. I want to make a good show for the crowd and the rest I don´t care”. With One Hand Take Off to Seatgrab and hard Whips Busty get the crowed on his side. Fabien Fenouli showed another good run in the final and ended up on a perefct 4th place. Ronnie jumped into the hearts of the crowd with his awesome whips. Ronnie showed also a big flip and won the bronze medal.

Busty Wolter
Busty Wolter | One hand take off to Seatgrab Indian

2nd Place went to Mike Metzger. Mike did a good run with Big Flips and a nice 9´Oclock Nac, but his riding looked very unenthusiastic. Maybe Mike knows that there was no chance to beat Mat Rebeaud. Mat shows why he is one of the best riders in the world. With One Hand and Candy Bar Flip Combos Mat won the Contest leading by 99 points in front of Metzger.

Mike Metzger
Mike Metzger with a sweet Flatliner

In this condition we waiting curiously what Mat will show at the upcoming Winter X-Games. Unfortunately it looked like the Contest got a bit boring for a while. The reason was, there were some toys like a wallride or a wheely box missing. Otherwise the Contest was a good chance for the amateur riders to present themselves and make their names bigger.

Mat Rebeaud
Mat Rebeaud with a Onehand Backflip

Int. FMX Contest | Dec. 18th, 2005


1. Mat Rebeaud (SUI) 384
2. Mike Metzger (USA) 285
3. Ronnie Renner (USA) 272
4. Fabien Fenouil (FRA) 260
5. Busty Wolter (GER) 241
6. Freddy Peters (GER) 171

And the winner is: Mat Rebeaud

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