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Mathieu Rebeaud (SUI) takes first place in Dresden!

12 of the world’s best riders converge on Dresden for the premier of the IFMXF. The contest promise to be an action packed and adrenalin charged event with big-names like living legend “Mad” Mike Jones from the US and current European ranking leader, Ailo Gaup from Norway attend to battle it out for the World Cup.

Mad Mike Jones with his signature trick Indian Air

The powerful line-up is complemented with high flyer like Mathieu Rebeaud from Switzerland. Busty Wolter from Germany who took gold this year at the IFMXF comp in Bern was geared to use his hometown advantage and is a strong candidate for the finals.

Busty Wolter is getting better and better - here a sweet CrackNac

Also reappearing on the scene is Fabian Bauersachs from Germany who celebrated his comeback in Hamburg at the World Championships after taking a six-month break due to injuries. Fabian was forced from 1st to 11th place in the IFMXF rankings since his injury and is back to hit the dirt and try to find the momentum that he once had.

Fab Bauersachs showed, that he can go really big - Tsunami

Jimmy Verburgh (Belgium) to represent Belgium in his 4th year with the IFMXF, Nick de Witt from South Africa and Andre Villa complete the line-up.

Jimmy Verburgh in the HOUSE with Pink-Style and a 4th place!

One of the most spectacular eventseries of the year in Europe, the SUZUKI Freestyle Motocross World Cup has pulled out all the stops to offer the 1.300 spectators a day that they are soon not to forget.

Now to the event and the first qualification round of the evening with the 8 riders fighting to get into the six strong finals. UK rider Kris Brock, Fredrik Berggren from Sweden and Benoit Milot from Canada has to pull out at the last minute because of injuries in the training. A one and a half minute run is all these great athletes have to get those important points from the 5-stong panel of Judges. Head Judge, Jason Moriarty, from South Africa is sure to be biting at his nails to distribute the points fairly.

Busty Wolter doing his first ever Backflip in Competition

The qualification round is packed with the best in FMX seen today. Highlight being the backflips from Ailo Gaup and Mathieu Rebeaud over 20 meters and the first competition backflip ever of Sebastian Wolter.

The whip contest is battled-out between Sebastian Wolter, Jimmy Verburgh and Mike Jones all known for their great pancake whips and cool moves.

Step up is next in line with Mathieu Rebeaud, Jimmy Verbourgh and Sebastian Wolter. Mathieu Rebaud make it to 7,20 m and win the Eastpack Highest Air Contest.

The smoothest Double Hartattack of the Contest - Andre Villa (NOR)

The final six are now set but Andre Villa has to quiet cause of an injury. The battle is truly amazing. All the runs are packed with top-of-the-line FMX. Mathieu Rebeaud and Ailo Gaup battle out with three 20m-backflips each.

Ailo Gaup with a Backflip over the big distance

In the end it just isn’t enough for the multiple gold winner Ailo Gaup to beat Mat Rebeaud this time. Mat’s amazing long 20m-backflips earn a well-deserved 324 points lending him the win of the “SUZUKI Freestyle MX World Cup” in Dresden.

So we will have a spectacular seasen ending in Namibia at the 4th of December to battle out the IFMXF Freestyle MX World Cup Champion 2004. Ailo Gaup has all advantage in his hand. He still leads the ranking list and it will be hard to kick him from pole.

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