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On Sunday, November 21st 2004 the first German Freestyle Motocross Championship took place in Dresden/Germany. This event was the last FMX highlight after the IFMXF WC on Saturday this year.

The location was a big old industrial hall. It was a really nice location, because there was a kind of underground style feeling. The riders had to qualify during two Qualification Events in Reutlingen (south) and Schenkenhorst (north) a few months ago. The riders were Busty Wolter, Fab Bauersachs, Luki Weis, Freddy Peters, Sven Schmid, Ringo Rehn, Tobi Immler, Sven Macha, David Saalfeld, Hannes Ackermann and Florian Menge.

Hannes Ackermann doing a Flintstone

Let us start with the qualification runs. The fourteen years old Hannes Ackermann showed a good performance with tricks like Supercan, Catnac, Seatgrab variations and a Flintstone. His run was clean and he earned enough points to qualify for the main.

The AM-Tour winner Florian Menge | Stripper

The 19 years old Florian Menge from the Motopunx was almost a local in Dresden. He is a talented upcoming rider and performed tricks like Stripper, Whips, Barhop, Cordova and Seatgrab variations. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to qualify for the main.

Swabian Power - Sven Schmid with a nice Hart Attack

Sven Schmid from Southern Germany is a kind of sleeper, that can catapult himself in the Top 3. He showed some awesome Tricks like Deadbody, Hart Attack, Cliffhanger. The problem was, he had some dead sailors and that was the reason for being eliminated this weekend.

Tobias Immler from Munich with a Shaolin

Tobi Immler from Munich had a cold and wasn’t able to show all his skills in his run. His best Trick were some Seatgrab variations and an awesome Onehand Helicopter.

Busty Wolter doing the Backflip in his Qualification

Busty Wolter did almost the same run like the day before at the IFMXF WC. His run was more diversified than the others run. He showed bartricks, like Starfish, some Grab-variations and last but not least the Backflip over the Superkicker Ramp. Busty was qualified for the final.

David Saalfeld with a Double Seatgrab

The local hero David Saalfeld looked self confident and did a high level run with tricks like Stripper, double Seatgrab Indian, Rock Solid and Supercan. The result was he qualified for the main.

Definitely extended Supercan Indian | Lukas Weis

Skywalker Lukas Weis had a complex weekend. He rode the SX in Chemnitz including the FMX show and on Saturday night he came over to Dresden to attend at the German Championships. But it was worth to come over, because Lukas qualified with a strong an clean run for the main. Impressive were his Killer-Whips and the Cliffhanger. Take a look at the picture below. It looks like he is hanging on the steel girder with his hands.

Fabian's huge Tsunami looks awesome!

After a tough shit day on Saturday Fab Bauersachs has planned to rock on Sunday. And he did rock the arena with a killer Tsunami and some impressive Grab- and Bar-Variations. Fab’s tricklevel was pretty high and he catapulted himself into the final.

Ringo Rehn with his signature trick Indian Superman

Ringo *STAR* Rehn pulled out a fabulous Indian Superman followed by Hart Attack, Doublegrab and Superman. But he couldn’t collect enough points for the final entry. A few weeks ago Ringo’s website got a relaunch. Check out

I'm still standing ... Freddy's Cliffhanger - Mr. Extension!

Freddy Peters from Berlin already showed us at the IFMXF NOTJ in Bern that he is a hot candidate for a top rank. Freddy definitely pulls out the hugest Cliffhangers and Flintstones in Europe. Entry into the final – no problem for the Nightmare!

Sven Macha with a extended Superman Seatgrab

Sven Macha showed a combination between Newschool- and Oldschool Tricks. His Switchblade was really sweet. Unfortunately his trick level was not high enough to enter the final. The reason was that he had to ride a foreign mx bike.

Best Whip

Four riders participated at the Whip Contest. (Busty Wolter, David Saalfeld, Lukas Weis and Florian Menge) First two riders were whipping against each other.

Skywalker Luki Weis whipping it out!

The two winners (Wolter & Weis) were battling again to ascertain the whip crown! Both riders were almost whipping similar. So they had to do a jump-off. But Busty Wolter had problems with his bike. So he had to cancel it. Thereupon Lukas Weis won.

Busty Wolter upside down!

"The Final"

Bad luck for Busty Wolter. He couldn’t participate the final because of a broken piston ring in his engine. The young gun Hannes Ackermann (KTM-Germany) showed, that a fourteen year old teenager can play with the big dogs in the scene. Hannes showed big tricks like cliffhanger, Scorpion etc. and ended with a 5th place. David Saalfeld is another Newcomer with a lot of potential. His run looked good and his trick level was good. David placed 4th in the final. Freddy Peters looked pretty good on the bike. He had some problems with the short distance of 18 meters. He likes more to go big with 22 meters. His run was creative with an awesome Cliffhanger, Flintstone, Superman etc. Finally he got 3rd. Fab Bauersachs looked good and confident. He superimposed his qualifier run and showed a good performance. If he would have jumped one trick more, he had won. Skywalker Luki Weis used his good race skills and showed a good performance with a lot of tricks. He ended up with some more tricks than the other riders. So Luki could fix the 1st place and the German FMX title. Congrats to Luki!

1st German FMX Champion - Skywalker hanging on the steal beam.

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