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Pepsi Freestyle World Cup rocks Namibia
text by & pics F&H Promotions

Ailo Gaup 2004 Pepsi-IFMXF World Champion

F & H Promotions did not promise too much, even the clouds threatening the event with rain passed and about 6000 enthusiastic spectators watched the biggest Show on Namibian soil ever!
It all started with a stunning Show by two German Quad-Riders who really showed the Namibians what can be done with a 4-Wheeler! It was an incredible demonstration of skill. Then the organisers had to inform the crowd that Australias Metal Mulisha bad-ass Dayne Kinnaird, multiple IFMXF gold winner, had to refrain from the contest. Dayne was standing on the podium and explained that the fractured leg hampered him from doing a good Show and on advise by the Doc's he decided to rather watch from the fence.

Then the Qualifying started. One of the first riders on the track was Swedens Fredrik Berggren who performs a super Show and wants to crown it with a "Backflip"....and crashes. First he looked unharmed, then the pain in his arm gets worth and he has to see the Doc's. Out, also for Berggren!

Kris Brock and Nick de Witt chillin' in the pit.

Jimmy "Jimbo" Verburgh from Belgium with his classy style and cool moves does all the standard tricks, and closes off with 2 Sterilizers and again one can see he's doing it with a lot of fun! Points? Who cares!
UK big name and winner of last years IFMXF Road Show in Namibia, Red Bull's Kris Brock, battles it out with a great run and stylish moves….but nothing spectacular!

Fabian Bauersachs from Germany is still below his best! The crash that took him out of contention for 9 month is still in the back of his head! Sure, he performs all the standard tricks but it doesn't look too smooth!

The US-Boys Brian Foster and Mike Mason

US-Boy Mike Mason also "lives" from his big variety of gyrations! A bit better was his countryman Brian Foster who does a nice performance showing his hart Attack Indian Style, Sidewinder Seatgrab and with this solid performance he grabs the final slot!

Mr. Style - André Villa | Double Handed Scorpion Lookback

The surprise of the evening came from Norways Andre Villa. This youngster is cool and fearless. He performs a great show, executes the Backflip in style, crashes later on the green, waves to the crowd and goes on with his Show! This kid will become a Star one day, the crowd immediately realised the potential of this boy and went mad.

Nick de Witt pulling out a nice Scorpion Lookback

Similar situation when South Africa's Nick de Wit performed his run, Tsunami, One hand Indian, name it, a very good run rounded off by a perfect Backflip! The spectators were cheering our neighbour from south of the Orange River. Likewise, a youngster with all what it takes to get big in this kind of sport.

Busty Wolter 2nd place and Ailo Gaup 1st place

Germany's Sebeastian “Busty” Wolter animates the crowd to cheer him up and that is exactly what thousands of spectators do! Busty does a perfect Indian Air, Lazyboy and Hart Attack but ….without the flip! The amount of different tricks give him some extra points from the judges.

Oystein Kjorstad from Norway is known for his perfect seatgrab variations and pulls out as usual all the stops! The vibe in the arena is on his side, he feels it and he jumps the Backflip. The Hage Geingob Stadium becomes a mad-house!

Oysteinchilling with his girlfriend

Next out is "Iceman", the reigning World-Champion Ailo Goup from Norway. He knows, he must show the crowd that he wants to defend his title! And that is exactly what he does, Nine o'clock Nacs, Rock-Solid and a variation of Seatgrab-tricks and then he jumps the Backflip over a distance of 21 meters! That is not enough he takes the travers to the kicker and does a second Backflip! The stadium shakes from the stampeding audience!

Intermission is to follow and while the Namibians fill up on Food and Tafel Lager Beer the preparations start for the “Highest’Air” contest.
Highest Air: Only two riders compete in this interesting contest, the bikes only have 2 metres of run-off plus the length of the kicker-ramp and manage to skip the bar at 6,40 meters! Not very high, but one must take into consideration the altitude of Windhoek, to understand that there is a lack of power in the engine.

During this contest, the 6 finalists sit in the pits and nervously scribble down their final run of 2 minutes! How can I influence the judging? That is the ever remaining question of each of the finalists! Now the commentators Sven Schreiber and Fritz Kaufmann turn on the Heat. These guys know how to get a stadium cooking! It all starts with a firework and then the Final starts, each rider takes his run to the limit! All the finalists are winners indeed, but one stands out again, Ailo Gaup proved that he remains the World Champion for yet another year! Pepsi Fighter Gaup is the best! Number two in the world ranking list, Busty Wolter kneels down as Ailo Gaup enters the wooden African throne!

Backflip by Oystein Kjorstadt

The Pepsi Freestyle Moto Cross World Cup Final gets rounded off by Techno/Rockband SCOOTER , brought to you by Tafel Lager, who demonstrate why their Tour-Motto for 2004 is “We like it loud!” Its was head-banging, dancing all around….. a Show never experienced before in Namibia. Congratulations to all the sponsors and to F & H Promotions for an excelent Show brought to Africa! Hey, whoever intends…. this will be hard to beat!

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