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FMX Show @ Supercross Dortmund
text by Matthias Friebe | pix by

The first big event in 2007 was the 24th ADAC Supercross, which took place in the Westfalen-hall Dortmund. The highlight of this event was the Freestyle Motocrss Demo with riders like Adam Jones, Mike Mason, Fab Bauersachs, Busty Wolter, Jimmy Verburgh and Libor Podmol.

The event was perfectly organzized and the FMX Demos were in the end of the show program. They built 1 big landing for the FMX Demo with 2 parallel positioned ramps.

Here are some picture impressions of the FMX show ...

Synchronous Backflips of Adam Jones and Mike Mason

Jimmy Verburgh with a Supercan Indian with his new KTM

Fab Bauersachs
Fab Bauersachs doing a huge Cliffhanger

Adam Jones
Adam Jones | extended Onehand Hart Attack

Busty Wolter
Busty Wolter doing a Cat Nac Indian

Libor Podmol
Libor Podmol with a perfect style | Double Hart Attack

Adam Jones
Adam Jones doing a NacNac Backflip

Mike Mason
Mike Mason doing a Hart Attack Scorpion

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