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NIGHT of the JUMPs | Graz
Story by Oliver Franke
Pics by Sandra Steh (

FIM Freestyle MX World Championships
NIGHT of the JUMPs - Graz, 08th April 2007

Romain Izzo won the 2nd Contest of the FIM Freestyle MX World Championships and beated the complete World elite!

This year the Easter Days were in the spotlight of Freestyle Motocross. For the second contest of the FIM Freestyle MX World Championships 13 FMX Riders came to Graz (Austria) on Easter Sunday. 7.000 visitors didn’t let slip the fight for points of the World Championships and pilgrimaged to the Schwarzl Daviscup arena.

First time the NIGHT of the JUMPs came to Graz. A totally packed Schwarzl Daviscup-Arena was a perfect playground for 13 of the best Freestyle Motocross Riders worldwide. And what happened at that day was amazing, probably the best FMX contest ever, that happened on European ground.

Oystein Kjorstad did a Heelclicker Flip and got only on #12 in the qualification. Vice World Champion Libor Podmol had a Whiped and a Heelclicker Flip in his run and just reached 10th position. Remi Bizouard had a Clicker Flip to 1-Hand-Landing in the Double-Up and missed the final. So it never was harder to reach the final sixth.

Finally World Champion Mat Rebeaud, both American Adam Jones und Mike Mason, Fredrik Johansson, Ailo Gaup and Romain Izzo made it into the final. And the guys did unbelievable tricks already in the qualification. Mat Rebeaud with a Candybar to Saran Wrap Flip, Mike Mason a No-Hand-Flip, Fredrik Johansson a No-Foot-Can Can Indian Flip, Ailo Gaup showed a Can Flip to SideSaddle-Landing to Nose-Wheelie and Romain Izzo and Adam Jones did a Cordova Flip.

Ailo Gaup
Ailo Gaup doing an extended Double Hart Attack

Within the break the Whip contest was win by German Lukas Weis ahead of US-Boy Mike Mason. And Lukas Weis won the Highest Air together with Czech Libor Podmol. Both jumped over 7,00 meter.

First in the final was Mat Rebeaud. Stripper, 1-Handed Seatgrab Indian Air, Whiped Backflip, Tsunami, Candybar to Saran Wrap Backflip to 1-Hand-Landing, helicopted Tsunami, Rock Solid, Whip Backflip to 1-Hand-Landing and a Saran Wrap Backflip in the Double-Up. After his injury Mat gets better and better. With 298 points he ended up as sixth.

X-Games medalist Mike Mason was next. Nac Backflip, Double-Seatgrab, Hartattack Indian Air, Cliffhanger, Heelclicker Flip, Mase Twist, Holyman, 1-Handed Seatgrab, Whip and a No-Handed Flip from the 24 meter ramp. With 305 points he went temporary on the hotseat.

But this place he had to clear after Fredrik Johansson. The Swedish guy did a Whip, Tsunami, 1-Handed Flip, 9-O-Clock, 360, Switchblade to Heelclicker, Stripper to Saran Wrap, Heelclicker Flip, Cordova Backflip and his first ever showed No-Foot-Can Can Indian Flip in the Double-Up. Massive 308 points he got for this.

But even that was not enough to be on the podium. „Iceman“ Ailo Gaup (NOR) did a run racing like. Heelclicker Backflip to 1-Hand-Landing, Rock Solid, 9-O-Clock, 1-Handed Seatgrab, Whip, Candybar Flip, 2-Seatgrab Scorpion Style, Whiped Flip, Superman Nothing and a Nac Backflip to Side-Saddle-Landing to Nose Wheelie. With 310 points he was temporary first.

Romain Izzo
Romain Izzo wins his 2nd IFMXF WC

Next in the final was Romain Izzo, the surprise winner from the IFMXF season opening in Liberec. And the French guy demonstrated that he is not a nine-day wonder. 1-Handed Flip to 1-Hand-Landing, Tsunami, 9-O-Clock, Deadbody, Nac Backflip to 1-Hand-Landing, No-Hand-Flip, Heelclicker Flip, Cordova Backflip, 1-Handed Seatgrab Indian Air and his first ever Superman Seatgrab Backflip in the Double-Up. This was definitely the birth of a new superstar in international Freestyle Motocross. 325 points put him directly on top of the riders.

And only US-Boy Adam Jones cut displace him from the hotseat. With Can to Saran Wrap Flip, Tsunami, Cliffhanger, No-Hand-Flip, Deadbody, Rock Solid Indian Air, Heeclicker Flip, Stripper, Whiped Flip, 2-Seatgrab and a Cordova Flip in the Double-Up he did his well-known, massive program. But there was nothing surprising in his run. So the jury gave him 318 points and he ended up as second.

With his second win in the second contest of the FIM Freestyle MX World Championships Romain Izzo cements his top position in the World Championship ranking.


The NIGHT of the JUMPs in Graz was the most sensational FMX event ever seen in Austria. The visitors could be proud of being part of the new chapter of European Freestyle Motocross.

FACTS Suzuki NIGHT of the JUMPs - Graz, April 8th 2007

Results Qualification
1 Adam Jones USA 272.0
2 Romain Izzo FRA 268.0
3 Ailo Gaup NOR 265.0
4 Fredrik Johansson SWE 264.0
5 Mike Mason USA 263.0
6 Mathieu Rebeaud SUI 259.0
7 Rémi Bizouard FRA 256.0
8 Sebastian Wolter GER 246.0
9 Lukas Weis GER 238.0
10 Libor Podmol CZE 224.0
11 Fabian Bauersachs GER 220.0
12 Oystein Kjorstad NOR 207.0
13 Freddy Peters GER 170.0

Results Whip Contest

1 Lukas Weis GER
2 Mike Mason USA
3 Fredrik Johansson SWE
4 Ailo Gaup NOR
5 Sebastian Wolter GER
6 Mathieu Rebeaud SUI

Results Highest-Air-Contest
1 Lukas Weis GER 7.0 m
2 Libor Podmol CZE 7.0 m
3 Oystein Kjorstad NOR 6.0 m

Results Final
1 Romain Izzo FRA 325.0
2 Adam Jones USA 318.0
3 Ailo Gaup NOR 310.0
4 Fredrik Johansson SWE 308.0
5 Mike Mason USA 305.0
6 Mathieu Rebeaud SUI 298.0

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