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Masters of Dirt | Salzburg
MOD Press release

Salzburg 2008, 2008-03-09

The Salzburg Arena was rocked by M.O.D. moto-madness, as the third stop of this year’s tour hit the picturesque Austrian city.

Joining the tour at this third stop was US style legend, Xgames medallist and Dew Tour winner, Mike Mason.

Insane FMX minibike maniac Travis Hart had to withdraw from the show at the last minute after coming down with a fever.

This didn’t hamper the show or atmosphere in any way though, as the crowd was witness to the world’s best riders hitting a double-wide landing with three ramps side by side.

The result was an even more intense barrage of aerial warfare. The biggest hits with the crowd were definitely the Whip trains and Synchro trains, which had all the riders hitting the ramps next to and behind each other, delivering an explosion of bikes and bodies through the air.

The FMX final was closely fought between Mike Mason, Tom Pages, Alvaro dal Farra and Eigo Sato. This week, Sato managed to keep it together and edged ahead for the win with lazyboy and cordova flips added to his unique trick routine. The Whip contest was also a close one, in the end Italian dal Farra closed the deal with an explosive turndown whip. The 2008 edition of Europe’s best Indoor Freestyle show has had the Fuel Girls from the UK along as an added bonus, as well as Russian strongman guiness record holder, Bruce Klebnikov.

The final stop of the Austrian leg of the 2008 tour hits Graz next weekend, with US Snowmobile FMX star Justin Hoyer in town to add his Snowmobile backflip to the insanity.

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