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Interview with Mike Mason

interview and pics by Tobias Hannig []

It's time for another interview. The first time we saw him riding on the bike, we were stoked - Mike is famous for his smooth riding skills and his great style doing extended tricks. We are talking about Mike Mason. We met Mike and talked about the winter X Games, his experiences in Europe and other interesting stuff ...

Mike, you arer back from X games in Aspen. How was the contest and what did you expect?

X games was fun,  it wass my first time being there and my first time riding on ice so I didn't know what to expect but it was a blast.  I hope I get the invite to many more X games.

Mike Mason

First of all, tell the guys out there some basics about you - where do you come from, how old are you and what is your mission?
I come from Carson City, NV, I am 24 years old and my mission is to be the best FMX rider out there and get a hot chick!

A lot FMX riders haven’t a Racing background. How did you start your Motocross career?
My dad rode when I was a little kid,  I’ve always been around and always been into it.  Can’t picture my life without it

Mike, you came back from Dortmund/Germany a few days ago. Tell us something about your experience there and how was it to ride in the sold out arena?
Dortmund was awesome, the experience was one I will never forget.  The crowd was great and made me feel right at home and to ride with that group of guys, it was perfect.

Mike Mason

  Mike Mason
Mike Mason

Now you are back in the states ­ How do you train in the cold and snowy wintertime?
I don’t get to ride too much besides competitions on the weekend, sometimes I will head down to Southern California and ride with Twitch and Faisst which is always fun.

Mike Mason
Mike doing his signature Trick

Blake Williams from Australia successfully executed a Backflip Cliffhangers on a 250ccm 4 stroke Honda into the foampit. What do you think about 4 strokes and this sick trick?
4 strokes suck I can’t stand them, and Blake is an awesome guy with some serious skill. He's going to be one of the kids who pushes this sport to the next level for sure.

Mike Mason

Do you have an own foampit to learn different Backflip variations?
Yes Dustin Miller hooked us all up with a pit to practice in.  I only used it to learn the flip, any variations I try on dirt because the foam pit hurts to land in.

You rode the IFMXF Tourstop in Frankfurt in December ’05 and won both days. What is the difference between European FMX and the US FMX?
In the US we have a little harder courses and and way different ramps.  In Europe it seems a little more low key but everyone is really determined there.  I always have a blast when I come to Europe it’s cool to see the riders progress.

Mike Mason
Mike Mason doing a Nac Nac Backflip

You ended up 3rd overall in the Dew Actionsports Tour 2005. What are your plans/goals for the next weeks and the upcoming season?
I want to win as much as possible, I will be competing in a lot of contests and I want to be the best guy.  Hopefully win some Dew stops and get that invite to X

Okay, now our classical word association. Give me the first word that pops into your head:

Ramps: Boring
Sponsors: Free stuff
Favorite website: Myspace
Double Flip by Pastrana: Idiot
Metal or Hiphop: Metal
Natural Terrain: My love
Tattoos: exciting
Goonriding: played out
50’s: sore butt
Girls: stuck up
Movie: Karate Kid
Travelling: got to do it

Right on, thanks Mike. Hope to see around ...

sounds good thanks see everyone soon at the IFMXF’s

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