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Chuck "N' Roll" Carothers
interview by

He won the BIG AIR Final of the X-Games 2004 and showed Travis and Nate, how is it going to innovate some new trick stuff. The backflip is out - the 360 body varial is in! It was definitely time for an interview with the Gold Boy Chuck! A good friend of FORTY8 - Chris Denison made the Interview - so lay back and enjoy it ...

Chris Denison: First off Chuck, how did the hot date go last night?

Chuck Carothers: I had a beautiful girl cook me an awesome dinner.
How do you think it went?

CD: Yeah buddy!! Well, on to FMX, you just got a Gold medal at X Games for doing one big, crazy trick [body varial]. How did that come about?

CC: Well, I first tried the trick last January in Metzger's pit, 1 week before I was suppose to be in Winter X. I broke 3 bones in my right foot. Then after breaking my leg in march, I got back on my bike
just in time for the Wild Card Vote for Summer X. I wanted in, and I
wanted to do my trick. I went to Pastrana's house and my first time
into his pit I completed the trick. I got a great video of me doing
it, even though I dislocated my shoulder mid air. I sent the video in
and got the wild card. After waiting for my shoulder to heal, I went
back to Travis' and my next attempt ended in a broken collarbone 3
weeks before X. I then waited till I had 2 days before I had to leave
for X. I did 3 attempts into the pit and 2 out of the 3 were good. My
next attempt was at X on dirt, and I think you know how that one
turned out.

Summer X-Games in LA - Chuck is doing the 360 Body Varial!

CD: How much of a relief was it when you landed and rode that out?

CC: A huge relief! The whole trick was kind of a blur and the next
thing I knew I was riding away. The instant rush of excitement was
like nothing I have ever experienced.

CD: I can imagine. How did X Games help your recognition as a rider?

CC: It put me on the mainstream map. People that enjoyed freestyle
knew who I was before, but now that millions of people saw me do that
trick, I have a few more fans.

Crack Nac in Extension on left | Chuck at the X-Games 2004 (right)

CD: So, I take it that you are pulling like 10 times more girls than
before, right?

CC: I definitely have had the option to pull that many, but I have
been sticking with just one.

CD:What about Bob [Chuck's brother]?

CC: [laughs] Bob is pulling his wife and that's it. He is my biggest fan
though, and I think he is more excited about what I did than I am!

Chuck with his signature trick - SIDESHOW!

CD: So what have you been up to since X?

CC: I have been practicing a lot and doing a few demos. I picked up
my Saturn Redline View that I won at X and am closing on a house and
70 acres on Oct. 22. I am going to build the biggest jump park ever
and a foam pit. I am going to come out in 2005 swinging.

CD: The question everyone is wondering ... do you plan on doing another varial?

Of course! I will do one at Winter X if I haven't come up with
anything better. I want it to become a part of my freestyle run.

X-Games BIG AIR Finalists Chuck and Travis Pastrana

CD: What is on the menu now, any big shows or tricks coming up?

CC: Not a lot on the schedule right now. Just some small demos and
maybe some overseas gigs. As far as my tricks go, I will outdo my
Summer X performance.

CD: Finally, Chuck, as you were doing the varial, what kind of food
were you thinking about?

CC: Candy. I am always thinking about candy. Mmm. Some sour skittles sound pretty good right now!

X-Games BIG AIR Contest 2003 | Chuck is doing a Onehand KOD

CD: Now you're talking, candy rules!! Anything else to your fans here
or overseas?

Check out my website, It will hopefully be
getting updated soon and often. I hope I have brought some
entertainment to everyone and keep on rooting for me! There is more to come ...

CD: Thanks Chucky, you da man!

CC: Thank you, Chris.

[Chris Denison is a young racer/ FMXer/ writer/ food lover. Check out his site at]

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