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Freestyle Motocross is all about style and design. Most of the riders are creating their own bike with passion. introduces the individual and creative work of the riders.

Bike of the month May '14

Daboot Crew / Italy

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Pictures by Dario Bologna

Hi FORTY8 Fans,
today I have the chance to introduce my new ride. Maybe you were aksing yourself, why my bike is so colorful? I have a degree in graphic design. I have studied for years the psychology of color and form. This has affected a lot my creativity. I have always maintained that the rider's bike is the mirror of the soul.

The motion for a rider is the best way to fly in their dreams, so you should do it with your own idea of ​image. The freestyle motocross impresses the people who look at him and my intention is to do the same thing with the bike. I love my bike and I love to constantly change his image. I love beautiful things and hate things done at random.

I love to try new solutions for graphics and colors, solutions never seen before. A branch of madness makes beautiful the tree of wisdom.

Click on the Thumbnails to discover Vanni Oddera's bikes:

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Details of the components:
  • Marzocchi forks
  • rear suspension way stronger from SM Suspensions
  • Alpina wheels
  • flip levers
  • KTM stabilizer
  • in all my bike titanium screws from Lightech
  • KTM power parts
  • pipes from KTM factory
  • cut out seat for fmx from Black Bird
  • UFO plastics
  • Regina chain

Also i would like to say big thanks to my friend-mecanic Roberto Marinoni for fixing my bike always very well.

Live to Flip - Vanni Oddera

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