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Bike of the month Oct/Nov '13
Ronny Schumann

Paul Smith

Hey Forty8 Fans,

I am an electric freerider since 2004. It started with the original electricmoto Blade, which was a very cool e-bike for trail riding. But I broke that bike a few times while jumping my first wooden FMX ramp. So I decided to build my own electric FMX bike.

I call my e-ride Blade, because it's slim like a knife. It's based on a KTM SX 07 frame with mods to hold the Agni 95r electric engine. The engine is reinforced with a custom driveshaft. To handle the 22kw of power I use a Alltrax 450Amps controller. Battery pack of 90V is custom, too. Turnigy nanotech LiPo batterys deliver lots of power and generally are used in radio controlled gadgets. Battery pack change is possible in 3 min!
Weight of the Blade is 106kg (fully charged battery). Suspension rework is done by Pepe suspension tuning for hitting ramps and big jumps. Sm Pro platinum wheels fit very well. Last gimmic is a selfmade 72tooth aluminium rear sprocket - natural high design of course.

That's my ride and no I don't miss the sound and the smell of a gas bike! I ride the Blade everytime I wanna ride in my Backyard without disturbing nobody. I love riding FMX and want to push the sport in a different way - electric age has just begun.

Let's ride

Click on the Thumbnails to discover Ronny's bike:

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Details of the components:

  • Agni 95r electric motor
  • turnigy nanotech 22s4p (88cells, 32Ahm) battery pack
  • alltrax electric motor controller
  • electric gauge and speedometer cycle analyst
  • 2x orion vans for motor cooling
  • 72teeth aluminium custom chainwheel
  • picoamps torque modul
  • albright heavy duty solenoid
  • EK chain red, green (one was to short)
  • aluminium handmade sidecovers
  • pepe tuning suspension works
  • smpro platinum wheels with red powder coated spockes, rearwheelhub with rubbershocks for smooth acceleration
  • design by natural high, stickers and airbrushed swingarm and triple clamps
  • all the basic mods a fmx bike should have like shaved seat, grabholes and that stuff139 designs graphics

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