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Newsflash | 02/2006 [ News Archive ]

23.02.06 | Startalk | Interview with Mike Mason

Mike Mason

  It's time for another interview. The first time we saw him riding on the bike, we were stoked - he is famous for his smooth riding skills and his great style doing extended tricks. We are talking about Mike Mason. We met Mike and talked about the winter X Games, his experiences in Europe and other interesting stuff ... read story

19.02.06 | Story | NOTJ Vienna/AUT

Adam Jones

  Adam Jones rocked the 2nd day in Vienna and won the final with his Backflip Cordoba. Mike Mason finished 2nd, followed by Mat Rebeaud. Fred Johansson showed a 360 and placed 4th. More information and results about the event ... read story

16.02.06 | Story | Suzuki NOTJ Mannheim/GER

Andre Villa

  The first NOTJ in 2006 took place in the SAP Arena in Mannheim/GER. The contest which was on a Wednesday during the week won Andre Villa from Norway. 2nd place went to Mike Mason from the USA, followed by Remi Bizouard/FRA and Fab Bauersachs from Germany.

11.02.06 | Pastrana | FMX with a 4-stroke 450ccm

Travis Pastrana

  Wunderkind Travis Pastrana was testing his new 450ccm 4-stroke Suzuki. His first feedback was positve and he also pulled out some sweet tricks like Crack Nac Indians, Tsunami and a sick whips. We will see, if Travis will use the 4-stroke bike this year e.g. at the summer X-Games and other Freestyle Motocross Contests.

08.02.06 | Columns | Jimmy Verburgh

Chris Birch and Jimmy Verburgh

  For the new season, FMX4ever basically keep the same team with Bjorn Van den Broeck (B), Steven Stuyven (B), Tobi Immler (D), Kris Brock (UK) and Jimmy Verburgh (B). Their newest member is the 21 year old Chris Birch ... read on the jimbo column

03.02.06 | Backflip cordoba | Nicolas Ortuño

Nicolas Ortuño

  Nicolas Ortuño from Spain did something really crazy - he made a Backflip-Cordova into the Foam-Pit. We are curious about to see this sensational trick on dirt soon.

02.02.06 | Fab Bauersachs Column

Fab Bauersachs

Fab Bauersachs wrote us some information about his new Kawasaki and his training camp in spain. When you read this, Fab is already on the way to the Supercross in Kiel/GER to jump a demo there. The next contest of Fab will be the NOTJ in Mannheim, Feb. 15, 2006. read on the Bauersachs column

02.02.06 | Lukas Weis update

Lukas Weis

  Skywalker Luki Weis/GER (German FMX champ '04) is on the best way to recover soon. After his surgery on Dec. 21, 2005, where they have stitched his inner-meniskus, he had to walk with crutches for 6 weeks. At the last check up the doctor said, that the recovery is going well and Luki will be on the bike in march. We'll keep you informed about Luki.

31.01.06 | Story | Winter X-Games 10 in Aspen/USA

Mat Rebeaud

  Last weekend the Winter X-Games took part in Aspen/Colorado. Jeremy Stenberg won the Moto X Best Trick Gold Medal followed by Mat Rebeaud/SUI winning Silver. 3rd place/ bronze went to Ronnie Faist. Nate Adams finished 4th and Brian Deegan 5th. Read the X Games 10 story

27.01.06 | Czech FMX Pro Petr Kuchar injured

Petr Kuchar

  During a show in Ostrava Petr crashed during a turndown whip. The impact on the handle bars resulted in 4 lost teeth and a badly broken jaw. On the landing he broke his foot as well. According to TC scanning, there are no signs
of inner bleeding or problems with the spine. Petr is now going through surgery for his jaw and will recover without problems. Get well soon!

24.01.06 | Snow X-Event in Gstaad/Switzerland

Thamer Engeli

  An Extremesprorts Event will take place in Gstaad/ Switzerland on February, 17th and 18th. Big Air with Snowboarders, Freeskiers, skidoos and Freestyle Motocross is preprogrammed. The FMX riders are Thamer Engeli, Rico Rinderknecht, Kuno Berner, Daniel Liska, Mario Gut and Vivian Gantner. More information about this event on

24.01.06 | New FORTY8 FMX wallpapers

Jeremy Stenberg wallpaper

  We have made some new wallpapers for your computers. The background images are produced in different monitor resolutions. Check out our download section. Thanks to for providing the pictures. check out the FORTY8 FMX wallpapers