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29.01.09 | Columns | Alvaro Dal Farra


Now Alve is in Sevilla, Spain at his friends Dany Torres park, to keep himself in a warm climate and have the right training in view of the Costa Rica FMX. Meanwhile his friends of CMYK Shoe Company are preparing the new collection to be shown at Ispo Winter, in Munich from 1st to 4th of February...

29.01.09 | Red Bull X-Fighters Locations 2009


27 March - Mexico City, Mexico
30 May - Calgary, Canada
27 June - Forth Worth, Texas, US
17 & 18 July - Madrid, Spain
22 August - London, United Kingdom

More about X-Fighters:

28.01.09 | Startalk | Paui Smith


FORTY8 is well-known for interviews with people which are not as popular as big dogs, but they have that certain something and that's all about it. Our Wrecking Crew buddy Tobi went over to the States and visited Paul Smith at his home compound in Florida. He is a impassioned FMX rider in the age of 42 and does better extended tricks, than some media hyped big dogs...

28.01.09 | Confirmed riders for FIM IFMXF WC season


The following FMX riders will attend at the FIM IFMXF World Championship season 2009: Remi Bizouard (World Champ 2008), Libor Podmol (2nd WC 2008), Ailo Gaup (World Champ 2007), Massimo Bianconcini, Brody Wilson, Jose Miralles, Stevi Mini. It seems that will be a great season. More updates about the attenders on

22.01.09 | Others | FreestyleMTX relaunch


Our friends of FreestyleMTX launched a brand new websiteeaturing stories written by industry insiders, professional riders, as well as fans, and huge online community, 'MTX' promises to be your first stop on the web when looking for anything related to the sport of freestyle motocross. Check it out:

21.01.09 | Columns | Fabian Bauersachs


Fab was invited to ride the big FMX demo at the 26th ADAC SX in Dortmund. It was the final event of the ADAC Supercross Series and for Fab and the most of the other riders the opening event of the 2009 season. Good to be on the bike again after 4 weeks off...

19.01.09 | Competition | Crusty Demons of Dirt


The new Crusty Demons of Dirt Clothing Collection is available now. And you guys can win a bunch of Crusty products like the Crusty DVDs X, 13, 14 and T-Shirts, Stickers etc. You only need to answer one easy question...

19.01.09 | Video | Tandem Backflip by Petr Pilat


KTM factory rider Petr Pilat from Czech Republic trained a Tandem Backflip with another person into the foam pit and later he finally did on dirt. Petr provided us a video clip of the training session. You can watch it here...

15.01.09 | Video | Another FMX evolution by Pages


While the most European riders are chilling on the warm couch or doing some demos in arenas, Charles Pages is stepping up with a new FMX trick evolution - he finally executed successfully a Decade Air with his 360 rotor bike. Check out this awesome video...

14.01.09 | Video | FMX Show Supercross Dortmund


Last weekend the traditional ADAC Supercross Dortmund took place in the Westfalenhalle. There was also a great FMX Show with riders like Busty Wolter, Fab Bauersachs, Nick Franklin, Remi Bizouard and Mike Mason. We found a video with some sweet action - check it out...

12.01.09 | Others | Smoothness Issue #7 online


It's wintertime and especially in Germany we have snow and low temperatures. The Smoothness issue #7 contains some great sequences of riders around the world. Petipix and Olafpix provided great sequences. And we proudly present a Grant "Goba" o`Brien special. In this issue you can watch the Vol. 1 of his work. So check out the new issue now on:

05.01.09 | Video | Maddo's Red Bull New Year Jump


Las Vegas, Nevada (December 31, 2008) – On New Year’s Eve, two world-class athletes made history in Las Vegas, kissing 2008 goodbye and welcoming in 2009 with a bang. Unsatisfied with traditional resolutions, these athletes broke boundaries and propelled themselves in to the history books with amazing feats of skill and calculated risk at Red Bull: New Year. No Limits...

04.01.09 | Columns | Chris Birch


I just want to tell you guys about my last Event of 2008 for I and the team. We were in London, Wembley Stadium. Which I would say is a local event for me now days! The Race Of Champions! Its a great event to be apart of. We were there Riding a RedBull X Fighters Exhibition....