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Newsflash | 09/07 [ News Archive ]

25.09.07 | Ailo Gaup won the IFMXF WC Metz/France

Ailo Gaup

  The iceman is back on top! Ailo Gaup won both days of the FIM Freestyle MX World Champion-ships / NIGHT of the JUMPs in Metz. 2nd place went to Remi Bizouard, who did some awesome Tsunami Backflips. Followed by the french Romain Izzo in 3rd place. In the second night the two french boys switched their story

24.09.07 | Mat Rebeaud won FMX Contest @

Mat Rebaud | 2007

  Mat Rebeaud won the FMX Contest at the in Zürich this weekend. Rebeaud showed his signature trick Nac Nac Underflip and made a contant performance. Second place went to Thomas Pages who did an awesome Cliffhanger Flip, followed by Jey Rouanet doing a Tsunami Backlfip. More information on

14.09.07 | Brazil Championships | Guarulhos/BRA

Giancarlo Bergamini

  A few days ago we had the first stop of Brazilian Freestyle Motocross Championship. The event took place at Transguarulhense Park in Guarulhos, a big a city close to São Paulo. The Brazilian freestylers had been waiting for a event like that a very long time. A contest with good ramps, good dirt landings and a fair judging system. So, they finally got it!. read story

05.09.07 | Ackermann German FMX Champion

Hannes Ackermann

  Hannes Ackermann won the German IFMXF Freestyle Motocross Championship series in 2007. The tourstop in Schenkenhorst won Fab Bauersachs followed by Lukas Weis and Freddy Peters. Peters showed with tricks like Heelclicker- Superman- and Cliffhanger Backflip, that his level is pretty good these days. read story