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Newsflash | 04/07 [ News Archive ]

spacer grey26.04.07 | William Van den Putte Video Clips

William Van den Putte


William Van den Putte did a lot of Foam-Pit training the last days. Tricks like Seatgrab-Flips, McNasty and the Cliffhanger Flip. So check out the Video Clips ...

Video Clip1
Video Clip2

spacer grey23.04.07 | Rebeaud and Gaup won NOTJ in Basel

Night of the Jumps Basel


The Night of the Jumps were really spectacular on its premiere in Basel. Some riders like Fredrik Johansson and Romain Izzo crashed hard and get hurt - get well soon guys! Some others celebrated their comeback with the first wins in the 2007 season. Mat Rebeaud on friday night and Ailo Gaup on saturday night ... read story

spacer grey20.04.07 | Global Top 15 riders | Nominatings

Global Top 15 riders | Nominatings


We are planning an objective global rider voting for 2007 in cooperation with our faithful readers. So we need your nominatings for the Top 15 riders. Please choose riders from all continents - thanx for taking part ... read story

spacer grey17.04.07 | Columns | Morgan Carlson & André Villa



Today we have posted some more columns of our columnists Morgan Carlson and André Villa. Morgan tells you guys about his adventures the last weeks and Villa is ready for Rock N' Roll and prepares maybe the best FMX park ever ... Check out the Column Category to read the latest stuff of the guys ... read story

spacer grey17.04.07 | An epic FMX battle in the Czech Republic!

Nokia FMX Battle Prague


Prague, the medieval city and capital of the Czech Republic, thousands of fans have packed the world famous Sazka Arena for what is bound to become one of freestyle motocross’ most talked about events. Seven of the top freestyle motocross stars in the world invade the arena for non-stop action and big air. The DVD releases May 15. >> Watch the trailer here

spacer grey12.04.07 | Columns | Bauersachs and Wolter

Fab Bauersachs


Today we have posted some more columns of our columnists Busty Wolter and Fab Bauersachs. Fab is doing Backflips now and Busty is doing Whipped and NacNac Flips. Check out the Column Category to read the latest stuff of the guys ... read story

spacer grey09.04.07 | Romain Izzo wins NIGHT of the JUMPs in Graz

Romain Izzo


Romain Izzo won the 2nd Contest of the FIM Freestyle MX World Championships and beated the complete World elite! This year the Easter Days were in the spotlight of FMX. For the 2nd contest of the FIM FMX WC 13 FMX Riders came to Graz (Austria) on Easter Sunday. 7.000 visitors didn’t let slip the fight for points of the WC ... read story

spacer grey01.04.07 | Adam Jones wins NIGHT of the JUMPs in Berlin

Freddy Peters


Third time that the NIGHT of the JUMPs came to Berlin. A totally packed Max-Schmeling-Arena was a perfect playground for 13 of the best Freeestyle Motocross Riders worldwide. And the FMX guys had a lot of surprises in their package. 21 year old German Freddy Peters showed a Cliffhanger Backflip ... read story

spacer grey25.03.07 | Torres won Red Bull X Fighters in Mexico

Red Bull X Fighters Mexico 2007


Young gun Dany Torres conquers the arena in Mexico City. Ten of the world’s best freestyle motocross riders had followed the call of the Red Bull X-Fighters and travelled all the way to Mexico to thrill some 42.000 spectators on-site and more than 10 million TV and internet viewers ... read story