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Newsflash | 12/06 [ News Archive ]

spacer grey29.12.06 | Event | Tignes Airwaves

Tignes Airwaves

  The Tignes Airwaves Snow Event will take place in Tignes/France on January 11th, 2007. Finest Snowboarding-Halfpipe, MTB-4X, Ski-X, Freeride and FMX action is preprogrammed. Following FMX riders are invited to attend: Alvaro dal Farra, Ronnie Renner, Dany Torrès, Tom Pagès, Mike Mason, Adam Jones or Robbie Madisson ... read story

spacer grey29.12.06 | Ailo Gaup Calendar 2007

Ailo Gaup calendar

  The most of you guys know Ailo. He is one of the best FMX riders of the world. The stylemaster from Norway produced a really good calendar for 2007 in cooperation with photographers and designers ... read story

spacer grey27.12.06 | Startalk | Wiley Fullmer

Interview Wiley Fullmer

  When we read the name Wiley Fullmer on the starterlist of the Nokia Air & Style Games in Munich, we were happy to see a new face in Europe. We also knew, that Wiley was a kind of sleeper for a top 3 position. And we were right ... read story

spacer grey23.12.06 | Merry Xmas and a happy New Year!

Merry Xmas

  Dear friends, partners and readers of FORTY8, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you for visiting and supporting the FORTY8 Freestyle MX online magazine in 2006. We hope to see you again in 2007 - especially here on the website or live at some events. Yours FORTY8 Team.

spacer grey23.12.06 | IPR360 | The new FMX dimension

IPR 360 rotor system

  This IPR 360 rotor system fork is dedicated to FMX only and soon for minibikes. The registered an international patent. The bike is a prototype and the extra weight is about 3 kg, because  we are using special parts, which allow to tune the offset and the trail ... read story

spacer grey20.12.06 | FMX Contest @ SX in Munich

Busty Wolter

  Busty Wolter won the FMX Contest during the Supercrossover in Munich last Sunday. 2nd place went to Ronnie Renner, followed by Lukas Weis in 3rd and Tobi Immler 4th. Stefan Bengs took home 5th place and Alex Blössl 6th. Check out the media corner for the picture gallery ... read story

spacer grey20.12.06 | Column | Nick de Witt

Nick de Witt

  The last month and a half has been a pretty exciting one. November started off with me getting my KTM and having only 2 days to get used to it before my first show. The show was a KTM day in Holland on the 5 November. There were about 5000 people there throughout the day and we put on 2 awesome shows ... read story

spacer grey14.12.06 | Startalk | Jimmy Fitzpatrick

Interview Jimmy Fitzpatrick

  At the IFMXF-Worldcup competition NOTJ in cologne we found a new face over there. We are talking about Jimmy Fitzpatrick.Our supporter Tina talked with Jimmy about his first time in Germany and how the things are going ... read story

spacer grey13.12.06 | Story | Nokia FMX Show in Prague/CZ

Nokia FMX Prague 2006

  On Saturday December 2nd, Prague was again alive with freestyle motocross as fans of this superb adrenaline show have finally lived to experience another year’s installment of the NOKIA FREESTYLE MOTOCROSS show, the absolute culmination of every FMX season and one of adrenaline holidays. The best riders of the world have come together here ... read story

spacer grey12.12.06 | Startalk | Charly and Tom Pagès

Interview Pagès brothers

  Keep on supporting some underground FMX riders and upcoming stars. We are continuing our mission and talked with the french newcomers Charly and Tom Pagès about their rotor bike tests and their fast progression the last months ... read story

spacer grey06.12.06 | Column | Morgan Carlson

Morgan Carlson

  It has been busy weeks, or even month, since the beginning of october when I was in Cologne for the IFMXF FIM Worldcup. Just when I got back from there, me and Rino packed up the van and headed to Budapest in Hungary for the LG Mobile FMX Show ... read story

spacer grey06.12.06 | Column | Busty Wolter

Busty Wolter

  The Air & Style in Munich is over and I have to say, that it was a pretty good event! Good track, good organisation, good riders and a great crowd! After all the problems from last year the organisation has done their homeworks very well and this year we did not have anything to complain ... read story

spacer grey06.12.06 | FMX Demo @ SX in Geneva

Remi Bizouard

  Remi Bizouard (FRA) won the FMX Contest at the Supercross in Geneva last saturday. Ronnie Renner (USA) placed 2nd, followed by Mulisha member Jimmy Fitzpatrick(USA) in 3rd. The judges were IFMXF FIM World Champion Mat Rebeaud (injured) and Jey Rouanet from France.

spacer grey03.12.06 | Fullmer won Nokia Air & Style Games in Munich

Wiley Fullmer

  The Rookie Wiley Fullmer/USA won the FMX Final in front of 27.500 spectators of probably the best Nokia Air & Style Games ever. 2nd place went to Beau Bamburg, followed by Nate Adams 3rd and Adam Jones 4th ... read story

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