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27.10.08 | Story | Bizouard wins FIM FMX WC


Remi Bizouard did it. With both winnings of the Suzuki NIGHT of the JUMPs in Riga he reached FMX World Champion. On sunday Bizouard won in a spectacular final and put two times Vice World Champion Libor Podmol and FIM Freestyle MX World Champion 2007 Ailo Gaup on 2nd and 3rd position...

26.10.08 | Story | Bizouard wins Suzuki NOTJ in Riga


Remi Bizouard beat current World Champion Ailo Gaup with a spectacular run and made a huge step for the FIM Freestyle MX World Championships title 2008. Gaup himself did an amazing run, which puts him on 2nd position ahead of Libor Podmol ...

24.10.08 | Startalk | Brody Wilson


We haven’t heard a lot of FMX EAST rider Brody Wilson in the past. What a shame - this guy is one of the top guns in the IFMA Series and in the actual IFMXF Series he placed 2nd at his 1st IFMXF Contest and 5th at the NOTJ in Beograd. We talked with Brody about his passion FMX and his plans for the future ...

21.10.08 | Story | AST DEW TOUR Orlando


Things are looking up for Adam Jones. He was the only rider to break up Nate Adams’ reign of terror on the 2007 AST Dew Tour, and now he’s on a streak of his own, winning two out of three events on this year’s tour and securing the Dew Cup today with his win at the PlayStation Pro® in Orlando ...

16.10.08 | Others | Nine o'clock movie teaser V3


The European FMX movie is back with the V3 teaser from NINE O'CLOCK! After a big summer filming MM Production is back with new blood. The film team followed the riders on different places including french freeride and the Red Bull X Fighters. Check out the teaser of the movie here:

16.10.08 | Columns | Morgan Carlson


I´m still out for some more weeks, even though things seam to come together faster then they first thought. I´m working on my shoulder as much as I dare to, and the movment is already getting close to what it once was. It was only a week ago since I took the last pin out and I´m already doing benchpress and stuff like that. ...

12.10.08 | Story | Bizouard wins Suzuki NOTJ in Cologne


Remi Bizouard wins with an amazing final run the backflip battle at the Suzuki NIGHT of the JUMPs Cologne and set himself on top of the FIM Freestyle MX World Championship. Second went to Brice Izzo ahead of IFMXF shootingstar Jose Miralles from Spain ...

11.10.08 | Columns | Nick de Wit


September has flown by and yea, its been a crazy one. The first weekend I was at home doing some training and after that all the fun started. I hoped on a plane and flew to Ukraine for a Red Bull X-Fighters promotion tour ...

11.10.08 | Links | German Young Gun Dennis Garhammer


The last years the german Scene had great riders like Wolter, Bauersachs, Weis etc, but there were too little young guns. But the future looks better. We have some talents, which can follow in the footsteps of Busty Wolter and the other guys. One of this kids is Dennis Garhammer from southern Germany. His Deadbody and Starfish style is awesome:

11.10.08 | Others | Crusty Demons of Dirt Europe


Almost everybody of you guys know the Crusty Demons of Dirt. Crusty belongs to the beginning of this great sport. A lot of us grew up with the Crusty Films in the late 90's. Now the successful Crusty Tour comes to Europe and the guys of Crusty have built a great Website to keep you guys informed about the upcoming 2009 tour in Europe:

10.10.08 | Columns | Alvaro Dal Farra


Alve is preparing himself to reenter, his KTM at Köln expo, DaBoot party. After the last crash and Doc De Marchi diagnosis, Alvaro beginned the gym training coached by Bonan, which prepares him to comeback to ride his bike as well fitted as possible ...

09.10.08 | Others | Smoothness Issue #6 online


Time is ticking away. We have already autumn and the 6th issue of the Smoothness FMX Sequence Mag is online. Our buddy Ryan Lebya made an interview with originator Tobias Hannig about his most creative project. You can read the interview by clicking here and also check the 6th issue with great sequences of the Red Bull X Fighters and many more on

09.10.08 | Others | Greg Hartman is back!


X Games Dubai Gold Medal winner and IFMXF/IFMA top rider Greg Hartman, had a very brutal crash a few months ago while doing a demo at the AST Dew Tour in Cleveland, Ohio. Luckily, Greg is alright, but the crash definitely flipped his world upside down and slowed things down a bit. Our buddy Ryan Leyba talked on his EXPN MotoX Blog with Greg.

08.10.08 | Story | Hannes Ackermann German FMX Champ


Hannes Ackermann from Thüringen took home the 3rd place at the 5th round of the German FMX Championship and won again the German FMX Championship title 2008. The winner in St. Wendel was Fabian Bauersachs followed by Lukas Weis who celebrated his comeback after an injury ...

07.10.08 | Press Release | FMX4ever searching 4 riders


FMX4Ever is looking for several riders that are willing to move to Macau, China for a show there. Dragone is creating a New International scale Aquatic Show Openingin Macau, China Autumn 2009. This is your chance to take part in a unique adventure directed by the renowned director, Franco Dragone. First time in history that FMX will be in a theater show ...

05.10.08 | Startalk | Young gun Destin Cantrell


Destin Cantrell is one of the young guns of the global FMX scene. His awesome style on the bike doing tricks like the double Hart Attack reminds me a bit of the good old times of Drake McElroy, when he declassified the complete IFMA elite in the beginning of 2003. We talked with one of the most talented US riders about his passion FMX and his plans for the future ...

01.10.08 | Stories | 4th MotopunX Jam in Templin


Once again the MotopunX arranged to their annual MotopunX Jam. About 20 rider set out for the MotopunX-compound at the MX-track near Templin. Next to some racers there were riders from the north-east underground as well as some well known names like the dark-brothers, Sebastian Radel, Florian Menge and the other MpX-Riders....