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27.02.09 | Columns | Paul Smith


Well I'm pumped to report that i have been flippin steady for the last week since my previous update, I'm now up to 88 flips over the last 7 days to dirt. We also did a fmx demo at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa this weekend. This is an event i look forward to all year. 78 000 screaming florida red necks, 10 of the top monster trucks...

25.02.09 | Story | Masters of Dirt Vienna


There was no better conclusion to the night’s madness, than Scott Murray’s FMX Double Backflip. The riders, audience and crew were completely worn out after a 3 hour bombardment on their senses. Like a symphony of carnage, made complete by Murray’s mind-bending feat...

25.02.09 | Crusty’s return to Auckland


Almost 7,000 fans poured into Aucklands’ Vector Arena on Saturday night to watch the Crusty boys unleash hell. The boys stepped up with strong performances all round, while Cam Sinclair again landed the double back flip making it seven from seven...

18.02.09 | Story | Masters of Dirt Belfast


Masters of Dirt made its Belfast debut to a sold-out crowd of festive FMX fans.The Fuel Girls ignited the chaos with flame-throwers, balls of fire and smoking tyres. But it was the top class FMX that everyone came for. 8 gods of Freestyle descended upon Belfast: Bizouard, Pages, Bianconcini, Wolter, Squibb, Izzo, Torronterras and Lacondeguy – delivered a spine chilling and electrifying display of some of the finest aerial madness known to man...

18.02.09 | Columns | Paul Smith


i had this weekend off, so I figured I better get something accomplished. its my b-day i turned 29, again! Ha ha for the 13th time. So I packed up my gear and bike, and me and my racer buddy from canada, Mitch Cooke headed up to the Team FMX foam pit...

14.02.09 | Video | X-Fighters teaser 2009


In 2009, there will be new highlights: stops in Calgary and London, joining series staples Mexico City and Madrid, along with a return to the historic Stockyards in Fort Worth, Texas, where more than 20,000 fans cheered on the world’s best FMX riders last June, with another 20,000 fans watching from outside the venue. And here is the teaser video clip...

09.02.09 | RIP Jeremy Lusk


Our friend Alve found the right words: "Jeremy has not passed the trauma of the fall and died. This thing leaves me bewildered and shocked, I can not and I do not want to believe this, but unfortunately it is. This makes me think of what we do with all of us love and sacrifice, but one day everything ends without an explanation. We respect the great gift that we all, remember our friend Jeremy and accompany with our prayers so that he can stay where it is better to them now and watch over us. Thanks Jeremy for the emotions and the joy you've given, rest in peace, you will always be with us in our hearts."

08.02.09 | Lusk crashed at Costa Rica at X-Knights


Today we have some sad news about X Games Gold Medal Winner Jeremy Lusk. Jeremy crashed hard while doing a Seatgrab Indian Backflip at the Costa Rica X-Knights event this weekend. We have no detailed information and don't want to link to a crash video, because this is not our message. The FORTY8 Team wishes Jeremy all the best and a quick recovery - get well soon Jeremy!

08.02.09 | Columns | Nick de Wit


Hope you are all doing well. January has been a good start to a new year for me. Cant believe its over lready. After a nice rest in December I started the
month off with a demo in Dortmund in Germany. It was the first supercross of the year and we were there to put on a show for the sold out arena...

05.02.09 | Columns | Morgan Carlson


FMX4Ever has become the world's biggest Freestyle Motorcross team and Morgan Carlson is a part of it. The team is proud to announce that all their long lasting sponsors are staying aboard for 2009 and that new partners have joined the ever growing freestyle family...

05.02.09 | André Villa blogging


André Villa has a cool website, which is really up 2 date. And recently André started to run an extra weblog with additional content. Check out his blog with containing news, stories about his buddies, spain and his compound etc.

05.02.09 | Video | From the Ground Up 2


The video "From the Ground Up 2" has been nominated for Best Freestyle Motocross video of the year. The Xtremey Awards is an event put on by Impact Video Distribution. Voting for the very best power sports videos of the year will start February 1, and continue through March 31, 2009. So check out the video and vote for the guys...

05.02.09 | Carey Hart supports the "Ink not Mink" campaign


Great news about FMX Rockstar Carey Hart and his wife P!nk. They are a couple again! Carey also is supporting the "Ink not Mink" campaign of the organization Peta. More information here

03.02.09 | Crusty’s return to Wellington


The Crusty Demons Unleash Hell Tour brought FMX back to Westpac Stadium for the first time since 2005, and almost 8000 fans didn’t leave disappointed. The highlights of the show were Cam Sinclair sticking his double backflip! Making it 2 from 2 now on the tour and Adam Jones destroying the back flip variation segment with the last 5 backflips...

03.02.09 | Columns | Paul Smith


Hey guys hope alls good were gettin some crazy rain down here in Florida, but it was nice this weekend in miami i was doing a jump demo at the monster jam in miami stadium the floor reminded me of a Mad Max movie. Junked cars all over and monster trucks crushing busses and everything in sight ! heres a few pics from the event, have a good week...

03.02.09 | The NIGHT of the JUMPs season 2009


In March the IFMXF starts with the NIGHT of the JUMPs in it’s 4th season of the FIM Freestyle MX World Championships. So far the title already stood on European ground. After Swiss Mat Rebeaud, the first ever FMX World Champion, Norway’s Ailo Gaup and French Remi Bizouard followed...

03.02.09 | Columns | Chris Birch


Well if you didn't know already that Im in Spain, then you do now! :) I drove down here from Belgium during the first week of the New Year! I have family that live here plus apartment which my folks own. That’s where I’m staying. This year I’m going to push myself. See what I can’t do on these two wheels...


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